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(by Meg, added on 19 March 2012 06:13 AM)

We got back around mid-afternoon, and sat around with the older sister and friend in Taya's basement. Wow, that's a shock, I thought as soon as I made it all the way downstairs. It was exactly like it is. In reality, I mean. Whatever that was. I chuckled a little to myself. I didn't know, but this whole thing felt pretty real. No fake Hollywood scenes, no dramatic sappiness that had to be a act; nothing like that. It was all real enough; I guessed it had become my reality now. And then, suddenly, it was night.
Just like that.

No way! Not fair! Just as I was beginning to accept how real this whole thing was, I get leapfrogged ahead by at least 5 hours. Talk about mental whiplash! But it did make sense, once I thought about it. I'd seen plenty of shows that had time jumps like these. The directors found it necessary; a means of cutting out irrelevant stuff, and cutting down on the length of the film in the process. I guess nothing important had happened between then and now. Nothing relevant to the main story--my main story--anyways. But still, even though I understood it, it was a bit unnerving. Kinda like passing out after you drank too much and suddenly waking up at a totally different time of day with no recollections of the time that had passed. Like that minus the headache. I wonder how the film crew would react if they got a letter from me about it, say, a few weeks down the road.

Taya'd apparently gone to bed, and I was hanging with the older sister and her friend. This wasn't unusual for Taya. She could act all she wanted, but in truth, she was a bit of a pansy at staying up late. I was the exact opposite: a night owl. It didn't surprise me one bit that she'd hit the hay already. So that left me and the 2 older girls--Taya's "sister" and her friend. I wasn't sure where the parents had got to, they had either gone out somewhere or crashed too. I couldn't tell how late it was, but the sun was down. It had went to sleep as well, I thought to myself. But the stars weren't. They were out in full force. And the moon. It was waking up too, big and full and round. It cast the house, the yard and the beach in a erie, mysterious quicksilver. It was tangible; you could feel that glow. You didn't need to see it.

We hung out for a little bit around the house, but it didn't take us long to discover that we were really bored. So we went down to the beach. It was one of those dark, warm nights where the last thing you wanna do is sleep. None of us were the least bit tired. We wanted to do something.

We kicked back on the rocks for a bit with some music, just hanging out and talking in the silky night air and the creepy moonlight. Then one of the girls suggested we take the speed/sail boat out for a midnight jaunt, just for something fun to do. That sounded like a good, adventurous idea to me--I guess I'd kinda gotten tired of waiting for this impending death--so we walked to the boat launch. They steered the boat out around the rocks and into the ocean. They started talking about how they'd just moved, and some of the people there, but I was kind of an outsider since I didn't know any of them. We were just having a good time, giving the motor full throttle, riding on the swells, letting the night air blow in our faces--when the teacher stopped the movie.

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