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(by Meg, added on 19 March 2012 06:05 AM)

I had no idea why I wanted to go--needed to go--right now, but I'd kinda got that feeling. I'd always loved the ocean, from the moment I caught the sound of surf breaking in the distance for the first time. It made a thrill course through me.
Me and Taya walked down together.

It was a big, open, rocky beach. I walked quickly over the band of pebbles by the shoreline. I could smell the fresh, wild, briny smell of salt on the carefree sea breeze--the warm sun contrasting with the cool, misty wind as it swept through my hair. I could hear the rhythm of the waves breaking over the rocks. It was a really nice beach. To the west of it was a boat-launch.

When we got back to the house, over breakfast, the dad was telling me about this new motorboat they'd just gotten. He seemed pretty excited. He wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing with him and Taya on it after breakfast.

"It'll be great! We could give you a tour of the area, and maybe hook us some big ones! It'll be her third voyage!" The smile practically leapt out of his voice as he said this last.

I opened up my mouth to reply that yeah, it sounded like a awesome way to spend a morning. But then suddenly, I remembered what my English teacher'd said about someone dying. I thought that if someone was going to die, there'd be more of a likelihood of it happening at sea, on a new boat, then on land. Awwww crap factory! Of course! But what was I supposed to do? Time to pull out one of my many talents, I guessed. I started making up excuses.

I said the water had looked really choppy when we'd gone to the beach. He said "that won't be a problem once we got out to the open ocean."--although the mom kinda shook her head at this.

We eventually finished breakfast, and me and Taya were sitting out on the trampoline while her dad got everything ready. I tried to postpone the trip by going in and having a second helping of food, but the sun was shining, the weather was fair, and I've always loved the ocean, boating and fishing, so I went out to the dock. What the heck--choppy waters never have bothered me.

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