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(by Meg, added on 19 March 2012 06:01 AM)

I'd only been walking for about a minute when I heard running footsteps coming down the drive.

"Hey Meg! How's it going!" The shout was familiar alright, and this time I was pretty certain who it belonged to--or at least, who it really reminded me of. Because the only person who sounded like that was Taya: my real friend, from the real world. And she hadn't moved away to anywhere. In fact, we'd hung out just last week. But, as nonsensical as it seemed, here she was now, standing right beside me. Basically like she always was. But it wasn't her; not entirely. It just couldn't be.

"C'mon, I'll show you around the house."

We followed the driveway and ended up on the front steps of the house. Taya opened the door and let us both in. Which is where, I'll admit, I started getting a little weirded out. Me and Taya--the real one--were pretty close friends. We'd been hanging together for at least 4 years now. I knew her family like she knew mine--a result of the countless times we crashed at each others places. We were all pretty close. But when we got in her house, she began making introductions. I couldn't help reacting with shock, no matter how many times I told myself that this was just another curveball this crazy movie was gonna throw me. I could feel this starting to get personal. Taya--the one I knew so well--wasn't quite Taya, and neither was her family. Something was drastically wrong here. She introduced me to her Dad--who also looked extremely similar to Taya's dad, only a little less reserved. They showed me around their house. It was pretty small and quaint. We met up with her mom, who didn't look like Taya's mom in real life at all, and they introduced me to her older sister, who was about my age, whose friend was staying over. This just gets stranger and stranger, I thought. The Taya I knew had a younger brother, but definitely not an older sister. I sighed. Just another attack on my sanity. I didn't recognize her or her friend from anywhere, but they seemed nice enough. Next was the backyard. It was one of those really nice ones, with a trampoline and everything. Taya's parents announced that they were going to have breakfast right away, but I hesitated. I couldn't quite figure out why. And then it came to me in a strange compelling rush.

"The beach!" I said, "I want to see the beach first."

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