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(by Meg, added on 19 March 2012 05:47 AM)

Mid-morning next day found me taking my customary seat in English. Oh trust me, it wasn't joyfully. It wasn't until I'd finished my evening run that I remembered that there would be almost no point in skipping tomorrow's class. I had to come to that place anyway. I was the lead guitarist of a band that a few of us students formed. We needed to rehearse real bad for a gig we had coming up on the weekend. We didn't exactly want it to turn out like last time. Besides, I had to do some hardcore studying in the library if I wanted to pull off a good grade on my Calculus test. So in order to ditch English I'd need to get a ride to school, get a ride back home, and then get a ride to school again about an hour later. It didn't help that home was like a half hour away from school when there's no traffic. No point, I thought. Screw it, don't do it. Ahhh well, I'd probably only have to suck up a few crappy boring English classes. Nothing I couldn't handle. I was even prepared. I thought about bringing my little travel pillow and blanky, but then I thought better of it. I settled for refreshments. My backpack was currently loaded with a bag of freshly obtained kettle popcorn, a bag of Sweet Chile Heat Doritos and a nice bottle of Fruittopia. The good kind. I figured I'd need something to get me through this ordeal, and the movie theatre theme was fine with me. I brought along my nice soft warm hoodie as well, just in case I didn't make it. So, with my bases covered, I sat back in my seat, relaxed, and prepared to do exactly the same thing for the next few hours.

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