Valentine's Day

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Chapter 2: Frame 2
(by Meg, added on 14 February 2012 11:50 PM)

Picture: The eyes of the person stretched out on the bed are now slightly open, and have wandered in the direction of the calendar on the wall in an unfocussed, sleepy/blurry fashion. There is a dream/thought bubble over the person's head. In the bubble, fluffy, soft-looking white clouds are drifting lazily by on a bright blue background, presumably a sky. As the clouds float past the bright yellow glimmer of sun, they're various shapes become apparent. A fluffy white cloud shaped as Santa Claus moves by, labelled "CHRISTMAS". A leprechaun-shaped cloud drifts by, labelled "ST. PADDY'S DAY". An egg-shaped cloud drifts past, labelled "EASTER". There's a break in the clouds, and the orange-yellow rays of the sun shine through. They form the words "FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION!" in brilliant lettering across the sky-blue background. A cottony cloud in the shape of a birthday cake goes by, labelled "MY BIRTHDAY"

Dream Bubble: What day is it today...

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