Valentine's Day

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Chapter 1: Frame 1
(by Meg, added on 14 February 2012 11:46 PM)

Picture: a medium-sized bedroom. Hung on the somewhat bare wall is a large calendar, displaying all the months of the year; the numbers 2012 are written across the top. All the squares for the month of Jan., and half of the squares in the month of Feb. are marked off with a little check made in dull grey pencil--the last checked off square being the one representing Monday, Feb. 13th--the rest of the squares of the calendar have not yet been marked. The square directly beside it, (Tuesday, Feb. 14th), is blank except for a little red heart in the bottom left-hand corner.
Next to the calendar-covered wall is a small, not-so-neatly-made-up bed. A person is stretched out on it, eyes closed, apparently dozing. On the small dresser beside the bed is an alarm clock. The alarm hand is in the exact same position as the minute hand.

Caption: Alarm clock: _RHRHRHRHRHRHRHRRING!!!

Chapter 2: Frame 2
(by Meg, added on 14 February 2012 11:50 PM)

Picture: The eyes of the person stretched out on the bed are now slightly open, and have wandered in the direction of the calendar on the wall in an unfocussed, sleepy/blurry fashion. There is a dream/thought bubble over the person's head. In the bubble, fluffy, soft-looking white clouds are drifting lazily by on a bright blue background, presumably a sky. As the clouds float past the bright yellow glimmer of sun, they're various shapes become apparent. A fluffy white cloud shaped as Santa Claus moves by, labelled "CHRISTMAS". A leprechaun-shaped cloud drifts by, labelled "ST. PADDY'S DAY". An egg-shaped cloud drifts past, labelled "EASTER". There's a break in the clouds, and the orange-yellow rays of the sun shine through. They form the words "FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION!" in brilliant lettering across the sky-blue background. A cottony cloud in the shape of a birthday cake goes by, labelled "MY BIRTHDAY"

Dream Bubble: What day is it today...

Chapter 3: Frame 3
(by Meg, added on 14 February 2012 11:53 PM)

Picture: The eyes of the person still lying on the bed are slightly more open, alert and focused. The dream bubble is still over their head. In the bubble a massive, dense-looking black cloud in the shape of a rough heart is obscuring the bright blue of the background sky, and the brighter yellow of the glimmering sun. The bottom half of the heart is being torn apart by what looks like strong winds, forming sheets of rain and hail that appear to be falling from the sinister-looking storm cloud. A bolt of bright white lightning is piercing through the middle of the ragged heart, taking the shape of a slightly zigzagging arrow. This cloud is labelled: "VALENTINE'S DAY"

Alarm clock: _RHRHRHING!!!

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