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Chapter 1: Down to ashes
(by Mr.?, added on 7 February 2012 08:08 PM)

The world collapses, anger boiling, the wave of rage cresting. Hope has been abandoned, tossed to the winds, like a scrap of paper it floats away. A torrent of memories, whirlpool of emotions, all twisting, spinning, and turning. Where will this all go, end up where? In what far away distant land will it all rain down?

Chapter 2: Up To The Sky
(by Eleanor, added on 30 October 2012 11:22 AM)

A small girl, by the name of Einalinea, was oneday walking on an expanse of grass. She was a happy thing, with a merry smile and not a trouble to perturb her joyous life. But this day, she had heard tell of a planet destroyed. All the population dead, was the story. Eina felt pain for the small planet, which was far away from her own. "If only I could help," she muttered in her tinkling, bell-like voice.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a colossal bang, which shook the foundations of planet Nataresaletava, her home. Quaking with fear, she dove to the ground, silver eyes tightly closed.
KABOOOOOOOOM! The explosion sent clumps of earth soaring into the air, a great wave of rocks, debris and dust shooting towards the sky. It blotted out the star of Vetat, it's bright light muted and dulled. Underneath all of this, the little girl was buried, gasping with rattling breaths. Above her prone form, high in the sky, a cloud began to take shape. But this was no ordinary cloud: it was a swirling vortex of bright colours, the emotions and wishes of people. Slow as a sloth, it traveled down, down, down towards the now decimated planet of Nataresaletava.

Chapter 3: Amid Stars
(by ElmGoneWrong, added on 16 February 2018 06:32 PM)

Life is meaningless, swept up by a senseless storm.

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