The land of bonne.

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Chapter 1: Daughters three.
(by jade kelly, added on 9 January 2012 05:48 AM)

In the land of bonne, there lived a beautiful maiden named Zelinia. Zelinia was the most beautiful person in the land. She had jet black hair that fell within an inch of her knees, saphire blue eyes and crimson lips that were the portal to the most beautiful voice ever created by god. Her skin was alabasta pale and as silky smooth as spider's silk. Zelinia had two sisters. Glinaveere and Lindara. Glinaveere and Lindara were beautiful. But not as beautiful as Zelinia. They both had jet black hair which fell to their waist, blue eyes and skin almost as pale as Zelinia. Their lips were blood red and also were portals to the second and third most beautiful voices in the land.

Chapter 2: sisters revenge
(by jaidie, added on 26 May 2014 12:03 PM)

Each morning, zelinia would walk through the beautiful gardens planted by the servants in her honour. Each morning, she would sing. And, each morning her sisters would sit in their chambers, envying their older more beautiful sister. On one morning however, things were different. The sisters were tired of sitting around full of hatred and env. They met in the orchard on the far side of the castle grounds and began plotting.

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