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Chapter 1: Introductions
(by Shaun Edwards, added on 4 January 2012 12:36 AM)

Once, there were 2 kings, who one day, decided to go on a trip far away, to a somewhat, distant, far off country.
No one had ever set foot there before where they had landed, not 4 hours ago in there private plain, so both of them, resorted in calling it, for the time being, Incert Name, as was their usual custom.

Chapter 2: what the kings did
(by jade kelly, added on 9 January 2012 05:35 AM)

When the kings stepped out of their private plane, their eyes fell upon a land filled with flowers and grass. There was even a few towns, but not a person could be seen. The two kings began walking and magically creating people out of their little fingers. Some people were tall, some short. There was even a man with three legs, four arms and nine heads. The kings were satisfied with what they had done so they left insert name here land and headed home to no name land.

Chapter 3: The Revolt
(by Mr.?, added on 1 February 2012 09:31 PM)

But one day the peacefull citizens of Enter Name Here became angry at their friends for having more body parts and planned revenge against the kings for not making them equal. Slowly they gathered forces and charged the plain. The massive war lasted ages until, many centuries later, the plains and the city lay in ruins no longer containing life.

Chapter 4: the revolt contd.
(by jade kelly, added on 29 March 2012 11:13 AM)

while the raging war was occurring, in the land of catolia, where it always snowing, the ice queen heard of the faults of the two kings. She immediately began building a plan so icy strong that would see insert name here land and no name land plunged into icy coldness for eternity.
Ten days after the news had been spread to the ice queen, she rode to no name land in an icy fury spreading blizzards behind her as she rode.
When she arrive in no name land, she saw a horrible sight. There were bodies everywhere and the smell of decaying flesh was so horrid that the ice queen breathed ice from her nose.
She rode to the no name land palace where the war was at it's worst.
On the back of her ice charriot, there sat a large throne made of ice.
"People of no name land and insert name here land. I am the ice queen from catolia. If this war is not ended in three days, both your lands and the surrounding three lands will be covered in ice for 100 years. Only the kiss of your most beautiful prince or son bestowed on my daughter will see the ice curse lifted and broken."
As she was speaking, soldiers, horses and kings all stopped. only the sound of the ice queen speaking could be heard.
The people all acknowledged her but began fighting as soon as she finished speaking.
"have it your way." she mumbled to herself as she rode out of no name land.

Chapter 5: fire and ice
(by Jay, added on 30 May 2012 03:26 PM)

The dust from her galloping mair spread throughout the land of (What's it called again?), leaving it as a sculpture, men and women poised in mid strike, throttle or tumble, lances suspended in mid air, and though their eyes burned with rage it could not lift the curse caused by their disobedience. Years afterwards a prince, while taking his morning ride, strayed from his team and journeyed a fortnight finding himself face to face with this splended sight. Once a Prisoner of war himself, he removed a piece of parchment, quill and ink from his wastecoat and wrote a letter to his father, which he tied loosely around the neck of a raven. All the kings horses and all the kings men transfered the beautiful art work to a newly constructed garden to fit its massive size.. The prince's sister went to see the new addition to the kingdom and fell in love with a particularly handsome knite frozen in combat. She sighed deeply as she drew nearer. Suddenly the queen, her mother stepped between her and the object of her love, and forebad her to never touch it. The princess went to her bed and weaped. Night after night this same occurred. Noticing how upset his sister was the past couple days, the prince asked her if there was anything he might do to help. The princess, a little ashamed, told him she had fallen in love with the handsome knight and only wish to hold him in her arms just once but could not for her mother's warning. The prince, who had also experienced his mother's unexplained strictness, saw no harm in allowing his sister to fulfill her wishes. That night, he ordered the survants to mix a strong sleeping potion into the queens wine. she took one swallow, the glass fell from her hand as she fell into a deep sleep. The princess excitedly raced to the garden where her knight waited. Throwing her arms around him, she professed her love, and kissed his lips. Suddenly, an awful blood curdling scream was heard throughout the palace.

Chapter 6: The Curse Evolved
(by Jaycob, added on 8 August 2013 08:57 PM)

The Queen appeared in a fit of rage.

"Do you know what you've done?!" She screamed.

The prince glared at her. "Sister deserves to be happy Mother! You cannot stop her!"

The Queen howled in rage and agony.

"No, don't you see? This has lifted a Curse I've set over the land. I froze everyone in this War, but it's been hundreds of years! These people, while they were frozen, they've continued to grow old, or at least their bodies have, but they themselves are still living. Their bodies have been changed by the Curse itself. You've brought on a new race of horrible creatures into our world!"

As she spoke, a low buzz came from the horizon. Slowly, a black line of moaning creatures came into view. They had the skin of the Night, and slithered upon the ground like shadows, and so they were named. The Shadows began to advance on the kingdom, remembering nothing but their rage that they had been fermenting in for the past Hundred years.

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