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Chapter 4: the revolt contd.
(by jade kelly, added on 29 March 2012 11:13 AM)

while the raging war was occurring, in the land of catolia, where it always snowing, the ice queen heard of the faults of the two kings. She immediately began building a plan so icy strong that would see insert name here land and no name land plunged into icy coldness for eternity.
Ten days after the news had been spread to the ice queen, she rode to no name land in an icy fury spreading blizzards behind her as she rode.
When she arrive in no name land, she saw a horrible sight. There were bodies everywhere and the smell of decaying flesh was so horrid that the ice queen breathed ice from her nose.
She rode to the no name land palace where the war was at it's worst.
On the back of her ice charriot, there sat a large throne made of ice.
"People of no name land and insert name here land. I am the ice queen from catolia. If this war is not ended in three days, both your lands and the surrounding three lands will be covered in ice for 100 years. Only the kiss of your most beautiful prince or son bestowed on my daughter will see the ice curse lifted and broken."
As she was speaking, soldiers, horses and kings all stopped. only the sound of the ice queen speaking could be heard.
The people all acknowledged her but began fighting as soon as she finished speaking.
"have it your way." she mumbled to herself as she rode out of no name land.

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