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Chapter 9: Concealed Plans
(by Bethany Rose, added on 16 January 2012 06:54 AM)

Coralyn James paced back and forth from her office window to the door. It was 7:30 on this dreadful morning, and she hoped Jessica would return before other staff arrived at the center. She was Jessica's supervisor, but the two had been best friends since high school, when they both volunteered at the state school for the blind. Coralyn had been the only person to help Jessica through the loss of her mother, who had died in such a violent way. Coralyn remembered how Jessica's mother had been found, dismembered and lying in a large pool of dried blood. She had seen crime scene photographs, but she alone knew what had happened. She couldn't dwell on that for long, as she had just heard Jessica's car scream into the parking lot.
She saw David tumble out of the car and scramble to his feet. How could this disheveled, innocent-looking boy be capable of committing unspeakable crimes?

Jessica staggered into the office, looking completely exhausted and holding a...a...what was that!
"Jessica!" Coralyn gasped when she saw that Jessica held the gun that had been intended to kill her.
"Oh, thank God you're safe!" she said as she held her sobbing friend. Jessica no longer had to pretend to be strong and in control.

It was two hours later, and Coralyn and Jessica were at Coralyn's house. David didn't know where Coralyn lived, and he was safely confined to school as a seemingly normal teenage boy. Coralyn, the natural nurturer, drew Jessica a bath and prepared a proper breakfast for her. And as she did this, she realized that it was time to explain the plan.

"I don't know what to do!" Jessica lamented, and this was the opening Coralyn had been waiting for.
"Since I'm a pharmacologist (a person who studies and develops chemical compounds to create medications), I studied this phenomenon with David."
"What exactly does that mean?" Jessica snapped. "I'm sorry; you didn't deserve that."
Coralyn's smile told Jessica that nothing needed to be forgiven.
"I created a compound that will immobilize him when he starts to make the transformation."
"How's that?" Jessica asked.
Coralyn produced something that looked like a pen.
"This looks like a regular spring-loaded pen, but when you press the button at the top to extend the pen, a very fine needle emerges instead. You pressed the "button" on top again to inject the compound into David or any other werewolf. This piece of technology is able to detect the full moon, and that is the only night that the werewolf can emerge. The only time that you'll be able to use this type of pen is the day of the full moon. In order for it to work, it must be used at the first sign of the transformation and before his teeth are replaced with those of a wolf. When you inject this into him, he will become a defenseless baby boy who hasn't even begun teething yet. Hence, he will be unable to bite people and puncture their skin. As you know, it's when his teeth penetrate and the poison from his saliva enters the bloodstream, that a person dies. So I want you to carry this with you at all times, but you mustn't talk about it with anyone, and remember that it can only be activated on the day of the full moon. And one more thing: This is beyond David's scope of knowledge, insight or special powers; he'll never become aware of what you have in this pen."

Jessica felt much better now that she had the pen, but she couldn't help but wonder what would happen at the next full moon.

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