The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot

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Chapter 3: Escape!
(by Bethany Rose, added on 31 December 2011 02:52 PM)

Jessica's shock-induced paralysis broke just in time for her to dive on to the floor and crawl out of the opposite car door. AS she tumbled out, she realized that she had hooked a spare cane with her foot and dragged it out with her. She sprang to her feet and unfolded the cane as she ran toward the dense forest ahead. What David didn't know was that Jessica's own cane was capable of producing great good to counter the evil he had spawned this night. And speaking of David, where was he now? Fear tightened around Jessica's heart as she frantically searched for him. She alone knew what this werewolf was capable of doing, and while she was escaping his fiery death trap, he had escaped her watchful eye.

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