The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot

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Chapter 1: Transformation
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 30 December 2011 04:23 PM)

"David, remember we're doing the root to the church on downing street." Jessica said as David got into her car. "I know Jessica," David said rubbing his chest frantically as they rode. Jessica put her hand on David's sholder. "it's a fool moon this evening!" David flenched at the mention of the words fool moon, for he knew what was about to happen. Jessica, pleese stop the car! I don't feel well!" Jessica knew what was about to happen from her experence working with a client as an orentation and mobility instructor at Hogworts. However, she didn't bring the potion, and show she knew the intire town would be in grave danger, but she didn't forsee herself being in any danger! For as soon as she let David out of the car, he transformed into a wearwolf and lunged at her! She tryed looking for David's cane, but he'd cursed it so that when he transformed, it would also transform into a snake. She tryed pulling away but the car wouldn't move.

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