The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot

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Chapter 1: Transformation
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 30 December 2011 04:23 PM)

"David, remember we're doing the root to the church on downing street." Jessica said as David got into her car. "I know Jessica," David said rubbing his chest frantically as they rode. Jessica put her hand on David's sholder. "it's a fool moon this evening!" David flenched at the mention of the words fool moon, for he knew what was about to happen. Jessica, pleese stop the car! I don't feel well!" Jessica knew what was about to happen from her experence working with a client as an orentation and mobility instructor at Hogworts. However, she didn't bring the potion, and show she knew the intire town would be in grave danger, but she didn't forsee herself being in any danger! For as soon as she let David out of the car, he transformed into a wearwolf and lunged at her! She tryed looking for David's cane, but he'd cursed it so that when he transformed, it would also transform into a snake. She tryed pulling away but the car wouldn't move.

Chapter 2: The bite
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 30 December 2011 04:53 PM)

Jessica sat in the care emoblized with fear, as the wearwolf lunged agin. The driverside window smashed, and it was then she came to the realization, that david was blind as a person, but as a warewolf, he could see! Jessica's phone rang, but she was affraid to answer it with a warewolf right out side her driverside window. She revd the moder but suddenly, the car burst into flames! She knew of David's warewolf condition, but warewolves can't perform magic, so she knew David had done this, because he wanted her dead!

Chapter 3: Escape!
(by Bethany Rose, added on 31 December 2011 02:52 PM)

Jessica's shock-induced paralysis broke just in time for her to dive on to the floor and crawl out of the opposite car door. AS she tumbled out, she realized that she had hooked a spare cane with her foot and dragged it out with her. She sprang to her feet and unfolded the cane as she ran toward the dense forest ahead. What David didn't know was that Jessica's own cane was capable of producing great good to counter the evil he had spawned this night. And speaking of David, where was he now? Fear tightened around Jessica's heart as she frantically searched for him. She alone knew what this werewolf was capable of doing, and while she was escaping his fiery death trap, he had escaped her watchful eye.

Chapter 4: The maze
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 31 December 2011 03:21 PM)

Jessica continued running until she was out of breath. She leaned against a tree, but she could still hear the sound of the wearwolf in the distance. She reached for her phone, but to her shock, she'd dropped it while she was trying to get away from the wearwolf! It got closer to the tree where she was, but was pushed back by the magic she'd produced with the cane. She slowly got up and started walking, then turned to notice the wearwolf was becoming disorented. She looked at her watch. In fifteen minutes, the sun was coming up and David would make this all go away or would he?

Chapter 5: Unmasked
(by Bethany Rose, added on 2 January 2012 02:08 AM)

Jessica kept her eyes on the werewolf, but she occasionally looked down at her watch. This had been the longest night of her life, and it was by far the scariest one! It was 6:07 on this summer morning, and she was just thankful to be alive. She hesitantly stepped away from the tree and entered a clearing. From here, she should be able to see the werewolf without anything obscuring him. But as she looked around, terror gripped her again. She couldn't see him, but she heard footsteps and an unmistakable sound. Jessica slowly turned around to see David, in human form, pointing a gun at her. She was about to learn another secret about David's strange past.

Chapter 6: deadly mobility lesson
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 8 January 2012 10:59 PM)

Jessica, Do you want to know what happened to my last mobility instructor Ashley?" David was smiling. "David, all of your orentation and mobility instructors have been wimen!" Jessica said shocked. Just then, it came to Jessica. You killed them because you didn't want to be expelled for being a werewolf?" "Yes, David said softly. So now I'm afraid I must kill you as well, or at the next full moon, I bite you and..." "Just get in the car david!" Jessica said.

Chapter 7: confessions
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 11 January 2012 09:54 PM)

David just stood there glaring at Jessica. "Say what Jessica? You're going to have to suffer somehow you know that?" David's hand was loosening on the gun, and Jessica snatched it away. She was colm, but firm. "David, I already know about the other murders... just get..." David cut her off. "Jessica, I killed your mother last year... I cursed her!" Jessica could feel the hair on her body stand up. "Why David?" Jessica was crying, but david was smiling from ear to ear! What was going to happen next? David and his mobility instructor got into the car, and David placed his hand on her leg. "You should shave your legs Jessica." Jessica firmly snached his hand away! "You're sick David... you need professional help!" David went to put his hand on Jessica's leg again. "Don't think about it David! Jessica said firmly.

Chapter 8: The long ride to know where
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 12 January 2012 10:42 PM)

David bucled his seat, and to his shock, the car didn't small of any smoke. "You just waight until the next full moon!" David shouted flinging his arms. The car sped up, and Jessica put her hands into her lap. She cursed the car to drive on its own when she was in danger. "Where are we going?" David asked. "I'm not telling you." Jessica said softly. All at once, the front door opened, and the passenger seat leaned to the right, throwing David out of the car. His cane landed in his hand, and Jessica said, "David, we're at my office. My supperviser has powers, and she knows about what happened last night. We can't expell someone for being a werewolf. but David, we can't have you threatening to bite people.

Chapter 9: Concealed Plans
(by Bethany Rose, added on 16 January 2012 06:54 AM)

Coralyn James paced back and forth from her office window to the door. It was 7:30 on this dreadful morning, and she hoped Jessica would return before other staff arrived at the center. She was Jessica's supervisor, but the two had been best friends since high school, when they both volunteered at the state school for the blind. Coralyn had been the only person to help Jessica through the loss of her mother, who had died in such a violent way. Coralyn remembered how Jessica's mother had been found, dismembered and lying in a large pool of dried blood. She had seen crime scene photographs, but she alone knew what had happened. She couldn't dwell on that for long, as she had just heard Jessica's car scream into the parking lot.
She saw David tumble out of the car and scramble to his feet. How could this disheveled, innocent-looking boy be capable of committing unspeakable crimes?

Jessica staggered into the office, looking completely exhausted and holding a...a...what was that!
"Jessica!" Coralyn gasped when she saw that Jessica held the gun that had been intended to kill her.
"Oh, thank God you're safe!" she said as she held her sobbing friend. Jessica no longer had to pretend to be strong and in control.

It was two hours later, and Coralyn and Jessica were at Coralyn's house. David didn't know where Coralyn lived, and he was safely confined to school as a seemingly normal teenage boy. Coralyn, the natural nurturer, drew Jessica a bath and prepared a proper breakfast for her. And as she did this, she realized that it was time to explain the plan.

"I don't know what to do!" Jessica lamented, and this was the opening Coralyn had been waiting for.
"Since I'm a pharmacologist (a person who studies and develops chemical compounds to create medications), I studied this phenomenon with David."
"What exactly does that mean?" Jessica snapped. "I'm sorry; you didn't deserve that."
Coralyn's smile told Jessica that nothing needed to be forgiven.
"I created a compound that will immobilize him when he starts to make the transformation."
"How's that?" Jessica asked.
Coralyn produced something that looked like a pen.
"This looks like a regular spring-loaded pen, but when you press the button at the top to extend the pen, a very fine needle emerges instead. You pressed the "button" on top again to inject the compound into David or any other werewolf. This piece of technology is able to detect the full moon, and that is the only night that the werewolf can emerge. The only time that you'll be able to use this type of pen is the day of the full moon. In order for it to work, it must be used at the first sign of the transformation and before his teeth are replaced with those of a wolf. When you inject this into him, he will become a defenseless baby boy who hasn't even begun teething yet. Hence, he will be unable to bite people and puncture their skin. As you know, it's when his teeth penetrate and the poison from his saliva enters the bloodstream, that a person dies. So I want you to carry this with you at all times, but you mustn't talk about it with anyone, and remember that it can only be activated on the day of the full moon. And one more thing: This is beyond David's scope of knowledge, insight or special powers; he'll never become aware of what you have in this pen."

Jessica felt much better now that she had the pen, but she couldn't help but wonder what would happen at the next full moon.

Chapter 10: death trap
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 21 January 2012 03:56 AM)

David was in his room talking to his room mate Bobby. "So David, will she or wont she? Will Jessica become one of us?" Bobby asked smiling. "We'll see during the next full moon... our plan is working Bobby... I am so glad I'm a werewolf!" David said laughing. "My telapathic abilities have allowed me to read the minds of the staff... they have come up with a chimical to parelize you when you transform!" Bobby said looking toward the far wall. "Well, I have a plan... lets have everyone meet me out near the basket ball courts, you stay in side, then when I transform, they'll all get bitten... Jessica won't be able to stop me One month later, it was the full moon, and every one was outside, because the dorm staff were having a barbacue. Jessica wasn't on duty, so the pen couldn't sanow!" David said clasping his hands.

Chapter 11: The Unexpected Transformation
(by Bethany Rose, added on 29 January 2012 04:26 PM)

It was the night of the full moon, and David thought his chance to get rid of that stupid orientation and mobility instructor had finally come. He couldn't say just why he wanted everyone in her family to die. Well, he could, but he wouldn't, of course, since the killings would reveal something awful about his own family. Well, Jessica was the last who needed to be killed, and it had to be done soon since she was expecting. David couldn't focus on how and why all the killing got started; Jessica was exiting the center. David's time had finally come.

Jessica peeked over the cardboard box she was carrying, but she didn't immediately see David. Maybe he had decided not to come tonight, but perhaps that would make things worse. Jessica wasn't even supposed to be here tonight. Coralyn had asked if she would substitute for a staff member whose child was ill. Jessica didn't think anything of it then, but the child and her illness would become horribly entangled in Jessica's life. But all of that would come later.

Jessica deposited her box of food on the picnic table nearest the grill.
She was just about to take some hamburgers to her boyfriend Jacob, who stood at the grill, when she saw David. He was frantically talking on the phone, and she saw his mouth form the words "Jessica," "thanks" and "Bobby." Oh no, that was his roommate, and Jessica remembered that Bobby had some vision. What if he was letting David know that she, Jessica, was there. Then she glanced at her watch and scanned the sky for the moon. She would have to make her move soon, and...but David was coming toward her, and she saw the transformation begin. But David would not morph into a werewolf this night--or ever again.

Jessica dropped the plate of beef and ran toward David with the pen in her hand. As she reached him, she plunged the pen into his upper arm and pushed the button. It was perfect timing, since he had just opened his mouth to try to bite her.

And what a transformation took place!
He didn't pounce, growl or bite; instead, he lay on the ground as a tiny baby, wailing through a little mouth without teeth. Even though Jessica knew what was going to happen, she was still amazed! It seemed there was a bit of a problem though; Coralyn had done her job a little too well!

Chapter 12: The werewolf returns
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 29 January 2012 07:10 PM)

Jessica put the pen into her pocket. She knew the pen had done her job, or did it? For as soon as she turned away, the rest of the transformation took place, and it was then she knew the pen didn't work as designed! At that moment Boby came running toward Jessica, stopped, and he began the transformation. Soon, the head master Albis Matson arrived on the sceen, and instructed the rest of the students to go in side the school! However not before Boby had mannage to bite 18 students.

Chapter 13: The Meeting
(by Bethany Rose, added on 30 January 2012 01:13 AM)

Coralyn looked at the clock. It was midnight, and something had awakened her. What was it? Oh yes...she needed to answer the phone. Before she could say anything, she heard Jessica's frantic voice.
"Coralyn, what happened? What's in this thing? What is this stuff? You turned him into a baby, but now we're on our way to the hospital! What did you do?"
What was Jessica talking about? Coralyn had done what to whom? Then she looked out the window and saw the full moon. Then it made complete sense. Her compound had worked, but there was some sort of an adverse reaction.
"...have to get over here right now!" Jessica was screaming.
"Okay, I'm on my way," Coralyn said calmly. She wasn't calm at all, though. She was freaking out, just like Jessica, but she had to stay calm. She had to get to the hospital.

Coralyn entered the room where she was told she would find Jessica and David...and stopped.
She knew the person in the other bed!
Coralyn sat beside Jessica and stared at little David--yes, he was still a tiny baby. But she looked at the child in the other bed. Jessica had been called to fill in for this child's father. And just who was this child's father, and how was all of this related to David?

Six months prior to this night, Jamie Jenson had taken his seven-year-old daughter, Andrea, to the center for a party. That happened to be the night of the full moon and just one week after David had started courses at this center. David had "accidentally" scratched her that night, but the barely visible wound became infected. Of course, no one knew that Andrea was to become David's first victim, at least the first one in this town. They all figured it was just an accidental injury. No one knew about David's capabilities. Strange things had been happening, though, and Andrea's personality changed markedly with each full moon. On this night, when werewolf/boy
turned baby was wheeled into the emergency room, Andrea's condition had progressed to what Jamie thought was a dangerous psychosis. And so it was that the whole story was finally going to be told...through seemingly psychotic Andrea and baby David.

Coralyn and Jessica watched the whole terrible story unfold in the most unlikely way.

"It's him!" Andrea screamed. Jamie prayed that the sedative Andrea had just been given would help--he could do nothing but assure her that she was safe.
"It's him! The wolf with the big teeth! He's here! Don't let him hurt me, daddy!"
"There isn't a wolf, and--"
"He's there. He's in that bed!"
"That is a baby--"
"No, he's the wolf. He's the one that bit me..."
"Okay, just try to--"
"Wait a minute! I understand it now!" Jessica exclaimed as she jumped out of her chair.
"She sees past this--the baby state we induced. She sees who David is and what he did to her! She might be able to help us figure out what happened and why."
"You know my dreams, daddy?"
"Yeah?" Jamie said hesitantly. He turned to Jessica and Coralyn and explained, "She has been having a lot of nightmares since this incident a few months ago. She'll talk about a wolf and someone named David, and--"
"Maybe they aren't just random dreams," Coralyn said quietly. "maybe these are dreams about what happened."
"David just scratched her, right?" Jessica asked.
"No!" Andrea shrieked, and for the first time, they noticed that David was intently gazing at her.
"When he came in, I saw his big paws and teeth. He still looked like a person to you, but I saw him. That made him very angry." As Andrea explained this, David's little face fell and he began to whimper.
"Do you know why he does this?" Jessica asked.
"He's mad at you."
"Why?" Before Andrea could answer, David began to wail! What was wrong?
"Now he's sad that he hurt me," Andrea answered the unasked question.
"How do you know?" Coralyn asked.
"He bit me, so now I know what he thinks. And I know why he hurt your mommy so bad that she's dead."
Jessica sat frozen, with her hand at the level of her gaping mouth. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what Andrea would say next.
"David's mommy and your mommy knew each other. They were in the same class. They were best friends."
"Yeah, it's true that they did grow up in the same town and went to school together."
"David's mommy was mad at yours."

"Because everyone liked your mommy, but no one liked David's."
"What?" Coralyn and Jessica exclaimed in unison.
"David's mommy became more sadder, and then one day, she just didn't live anymore." Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing! So David's mother had eventually killed herself, and somehow...but Andrea was speaking again.
"So after David's mommy went away, he got mad at your mommy. It's because his mommy said that yours was mean. He wanted it so your mommy would go away and not come back anymore."
Jessica had so many questions! What would happen to David now? Well, Coralyn had said that he would be a baby until his death. How would he be cared for, especially since his mom had killed herself? That was assuming what Andrea had said was true. Jessica wondered if she was still in any danger, but she figured not since David would no longer be able to harm anyone. Of course, she knew nothing of Bobby or the eighteen students he had bitten earlier that night.

Chapter 14: werewolf transformation
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 30 January 2012 02:06 AM)

The people watched and listened as Davids shreeks turned into wolf noises. "You shot him in the wrong spot! Jessica!" The nurses wheeled David out side, and he made the full blown transformation. Andrya said, "Daddy, we've got to get back to the school, their's a werewolf take over!"

Chapter 15: The Change
(by Bethany Rose, added on 11 April 2012 01:37 AM)

David broke the restraints on his hospital bed, leaped out and raced around the parking lot.
"The whole town is in danger! There is no telling what he will do!" Jessica screamed frantically. The two nurses looked at each other, completely uncertain of what to do.
"Daddy!" Andrea shrieked, "they are all like David now!"
"Who's like him?"
"All the school!"
"What should we do?" Jessica asked Coralyn.
It was Coralyn who had created the compound, after all. Why hadn't it worked?

But David's plan wasn't to infect everyone in the whole town. He had to get back to the center to remedy his mistakes...before it was too late.

Chapter 16: Werewolf take over
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 11 April 2012 02:33 AM)

Albis Matson called Jessica on her sell phone. "The school is not safe for you at this time." He said calmly. "Head mast, what about the 6000 other students?" Jessica asked frantically pacing piting her nails. "Jessica, thy've been confined to their dorms." The head master said in the same tone of voice. "Thank you Head master," Jessica said then she disconnected the call. The head master knew it would be morning in an hour, and he would take care of this Bobby and David problem once and for all.

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