The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot

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Chapter 7: confessions
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 11 January 2012 09:54 PM)

David just stood there glaring at Jessica. "Say what Jessica? You're going to have to suffer somehow you know that?" David's hand was loosening on the gun, and Jessica snatched it away. She was colm, but firm. "David, I already know about the other murders... just get..." David cut her off. "Jessica, I killed your mother last year... I cursed her!" Jessica could feel the hair on her body stand up. "Why David?" Jessica was crying, but david was smiling from ear to ear! What was going to happen next? David and his mobility instructor got into the car, and David placed his hand on her leg. "You should shave your legs Jessica." Jessica firmly snached his hand away! "You're sick David... you need professional help!" David went to put his hand on Jessica's leg again. "Don't think about it David! Jessica said firmly.

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