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Chapter 13: The Meeting
(by Bethany Rose, added on 30 January 2012 01:13 AM)

Coralyn looked at the clock. It was midnight, and something had awakened her. What was it? Oh yes...she needed to answer the phone. Before she could say anything, she heard Jessica's frantic voice.
"Coralyn, what happened? What's in this thing? What is this stuff? You turned him into a baby, but now we're on our way to the hospital! What did you do?"
What was Jessica talking about? Coralyn had done what to whom? Then she looked out the window and saw the full moon. Then it made complete sense. Her compound had worked, but there was some sort of an adverse reaction.
"...have to get over here right now!" Jessica was screaming.
"Okay, I'm on my way," Coralyn said calmly. She wasn't calm at all, though. She was freaking out, just like Jessica, but she had to stay calm. She had to get to the hospital.

Coralyn entered the room where she was told she would find Jessica and David...and stopped.
She knew the person in the other bed!
Coralyn sat beside Jessica and stared at little David--yes, he was still a tiny baby. But she looked at the child in the other bed. Jessica had been called to fill in for this child's father. And just who was this child's father, and how was all of this related to David?

Six months prior to this night, Jamie Jenson had taken his seven-year-old daughter, Andrea, to the center for a party. That happened to be the night of the full moon and just one week after David had started courses at this center. David had "accidentally" scratched her that night, but the barely visible wound became infected. Of course, no one knew that Andrea was to become David's first victim, at least the first one in this town. They all figured it was just an accidental injury. No one knew about David's capabilities. Strange things had been happening, though, and Andrea's personality changed markedly with each full moon. On this night, when werewolf/boy
turned baby was wheeled into the emergency room, Andrea's condition had progressed to what Jamie thought was a dangerous psychosis. And so it was that the whole story was finally going to be told...through seemingly psychotic Andrea and baby David.

Coralyn and Jessica watched the whole terrible story unfold in the most unlikely way.

"It's him!" Andrea screamed. Jamie prayed that the sedative Andrea had just been given would help--he could do nothing but assure her that she was safe.
"It's him! The wolf with the big teeth! He's here! Don't let him hurt me, daddy!"
"There isn't a wolf, and--"
"He's there. He's in that bed!"
"That is a baby--"
"No, he's the wolf. He's the one that bit me..."
"Okay, just try to--"
"Wait a minute! I understand it now!" Jessica exclaimed as she jumped out of her chair.
"She sees past this--the baby state we induced. She sees who David is and what he did to her! She might be able to help us figure out what happened and why."
"You know my dreams, daddy?"
"Yeah?" Jamie said hesitantly. He turned to Jessica and Coralyn and explained, "She has been having a lot of nightmares since this incident a few months ago. She'll talk about a wolf and someone named David, and--"
"Maybe they aren't just random dreams," Coralyn said quietly. "maybe these are dreams about what happened."
"David just scratched her, right?" Jessica asked.
"No!" Andrea shrieked, and for the first time, they noticed that David was intently gazing at her.
"When he came in, I saw his big paws and teeth. He still looked like a person to you, but I saw him. That made him very angry." As Andrea explained this, David's little face fell and he began to whimper.
"Do you know why he does this?" Jessica asked.
"He's mad at you."
"Why?" Before Andrea could answer, David began to wail! What was wrong?
"Now he's sad that he hurt me," Andrea answered the unasked question.
"How do you know?" Coralyn asked.
"He bit me, so now I know what he thinks. And I know why he hurt your mommy so bad that she's dead."
Jessica sat frozen, with her hand at the level of her gaping mouth. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what Andrea would say next.
"David's mommy and your mommy knew each other. They were in the same class. They were best friends."
"Yeah, it's true that they did grow up in the same town and went to school together."
"David's mommy was mad at yours."

"Because everyone liked your mommy, but no one liked David's."
"What?" Coralyn and Jessica exclaimed in unison.
"David's mommy became more sadder, and then one day, she just didn't live anymore." Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing! So David's mother had eventually killed herself, and somehow...but Andrea was speaking again.
"So after David's mommy went away, he got mad at your mommy. It's because his mommy said that yours was mean. He wanted it so your mommy would go away and not come back anymore."
Jessica had so many questions! What would happen to David now? Well, Coralyn had said that he would be a baby until his death. How would he be cared for, especially since his mom had killed herself? That was assuming what Andrea had said was true. Jessica wondered if she was still in any danger, but she figured not since David would no longer be able to harm anyone. Of course, she knew nothing of Bobby or the eighteen students he had bitten earlier that night.

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