The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot

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Chapter 10: death trap
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 21 January 2012 03:56 AM)

David was in his room talking to his room mate Bobby. "So David, will she or wont she? Will Jessica become one of us?" Bobby asked smiling. "We'll see during the next full moon... our plan is working Bobby... I am so glad I'm a werewolf!" David said laughing. "My telapathic abilities have allowed me to read the minds of the staff... they have come up with a chimical to parelize you when you transform!" Bobby said looking toward the far wall. "Well, I have a plan... lets have everyone meet me out near the basket ball courts, you stay in side, then when I transform, they'll all get bitten... Jessica won't be able to stop me One month later, it was the full moon, and every one was outside, because the dorm staff were having a barbacue. Jessica wasn't on duty, so the pen couldn't sanow!" David said clasping his hands.

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