Book 1. Samantha Hope Adventures. The Golden Tower.

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Chapter 1: Prologue To Adventure.
(by Shaun Edwards, added on 18 December 2011 09:01 AM)

The discovery of my first enlightening journey, was, indeed, a strange one.
I was just sitting around at home, doing not very much at all to say the least, when suddenly, a flash of red light was seen outside my room, emanating from a nearby street corner.
What was my best friend Rachael doing here, app airing out of thin air, at this time of night?
Slowly, I exited the house with as much noise as a pin drop and walked over to her, to ask her, "pray, what do you think your doing, at my place, or indeed across the street from it, at this time of night??
It took some time for her to answer my enquiry, but in short, she needed my assistance, with a rather strange quest, witch had been bequeathed to her only 4 hours ago.
"Rachael, you could have called me on the phone, you know." I said with such strained efforts, it was a mirrical I could speak at all given the unfortunate time of the evening.
"I know." said Rachael, rather incoherently this time, I was surprised she was even able to process so much as a single word in the state of her exertion

After about half an hour at least, i agreed to aid her in her plite, and from then on, I guess it would be fair to say, that my first quest, witch really was hers, became a team event.

Chapter 2: The quest
(by Blake Tracy, added on 15 April 2012 04:27 AM)

"So what do you need my help on?" I asked.

"My nemisis, Mendelle, is back on earth. Did you hear about the so-called disappearences in phenix on the news?"

"Well, yah. How could I not have?" I say. It's been all over the place. Nobody has figured it out yet. Of course, I was not surprised, since my friend was an elf from the very strange world of Balinsque, (she only convinced me of this when she changed me into a wolf, which she says is my "Spirit animal" whatever that is.) She is sent to go about as a human, watch the news a lot, investigate, and in general, protect the earth from the evil creatures that come through the veil. I have heard of this mendelle character. He is supposed to be the skurge of Balinsque. He is said to be able to do just about anything with one's mind, use terrible brute force, have unparalleled cunning, and has never felt fear. If these disappearances really are due to him, I wouldn't be surprised if a number of those who have disappeared could be dead, or his new puppets.

"And what do you want me to do?" I ask.

"The high order have commanded me to spy and try to find his one weakness. They know he has one, nobody is perfect, even on Balinsque, but there is only one. The problem is that he knows me too well, and he is good at seeing through magical disguises. Would you be willing to pretend to be hypnotized, and try to gain his trust, until something slips?" Ratiel says nervously.

"Wait. Wait. Let me get this straight. You want me to pretend I am one of his faithful servents and spy on him." I say in incredulity.

"You'll have contact. This is why I didn't want to call you on the phone. Too many ears that could get hypnotized. Once you're under, you're spilling information like a leaky fosset. " You'll have a button mike stored in your shoe. It's whisper sensitive, so even if you are stepping on it, it will pick things up clearly. Someone from Balinsque will always be on the other line. If you are in a private place, and you say a code word that you can choose and I'll give to the high order, you can talk to someone."

"All right. For earth and Balinsque, I'll do it." I decided, resolving myself to a very long week, month, or even year. This is very bad. What have I gotten myself into?

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