Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 7: the safari
(by emily, added on 19 January 2017 09:39 AM)

"so," said sophie, when everyone was seated around the breakfast table the next morning" yesterday we went to see the cammels and you all enjoyed riding them, today I think as a treat we can go on a safari"

maya looked at josh " what is a safari?"

"A safari", explained josh, " is a place where you can look at all diffrent animals in the open. they sometimes come up really close and try to eat the car."

" don't scare her," sophie said. " maya, it will be fine. you like animals right?. you'll love this safari"

sophie dropped he kids off at school, and then they set off for the safari

oscar the safari guide was waiting for them.

" welcome" he said, " to the safari".

he smiled at the children in the back seat. "and I hear someone likes animals", he aded.

the safari was a lot of fun. sophie drove the car, as many diffrent animals- some big, some small, tried grasping at the car and to get in

shaun, who was sitting next to maya for the whole journey, took on the role of explaining to her the diffrent animals

" and this," he said. " is a lion. lions are very common in africa."

maya grinned.

" he's like simba" she said.
shaun laughed. " probably not as friendly though".

a little further on, shaun turned to her and said, " this is a zebra. a zebra is another really common animal in africa."

maya tried to think of a famous zebra from a movie, but couldn't think.

so in sted she said, " he looks funny. look at the funny stripes".

they went on to see a giraffe, some birds, a gorilla, and even some Hyenas.

oscar the guide, who had remained quiet, turned to shaun and asked, " how do you know so much about african animals?. you're really good with maya".

" colouring books" said shaun. " maya does a lot of colouring, and I help her with it".

maya smiled at josh.

at the end of the safari, oscar led them all to the gift shop.

inside their was a number of things that they could buy to remind them of their adventure.

sheaun braught maya a coloring book, and jessica got herself a mug with a picture of a lion on it, and the words "I went on safari!"

" thank you oscar," said sophie, " for sticking with us through the safari."

"no problem," oscar said. "I really hope you enjoyed it."

" oh we enjoyed it," all the friends said at once. " we really did enjoy it."

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