Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 6: camels and conversations.
(by emily, added on 15 November 2013 05:49 PM)

jackie walked in to the girl's room the next morning, a huge smile on her face.

" get up, piggy!" she roard at jessica. " and you, little tiny maya, waky waky. "

she then proceeded to sean's room and woke him up by calling him " only boy. "

sophie heard all this, in fact she was really angry with jackie.

" young lady, " she began. " do you want that skateboard?. "

" screw the skateboard," jackie was quick to respond. " it's fun to bully these kids!. "

" pay no attention to her, " said sophie. " she'll learn. by the end of your holiday, you'll be good friends. trust me. "

the 3 friends wern't convinced, but they said nothing.

" so today, we're going camel riding. i know a place nearby where you can ride the cammels, and learn all about them. now wouldn't that be fun?. "

" a camel?. what's a camel. " asked maya, who had clearly never heard of such a thing.

" it's like a horse. " said sean. " you can ride it. "

" duh!. " interupted jackie. " what do you think you do with it?. wear it on your head?. "

the morning passed, and eventually sophie and the friends were alone, headed to the camels.

" can i ask you a question?" asked jessica. " why does jackie and your other kids have to go to school?. it's august!. in america, that's summer holidays. "

" it would be nice if they could join us," aded maya.

sophie explained. " well, we're lucky. in africa, their's a lot of people not as well off as we are. some people don't even have indoor bathrooms. they walk miles every day to get water from a well. every day. can you imagine that?. they don't even have much money, for food, proper schooling, even health care. ".

" luckily, their are free education programmes, like the one you saw yesterday. places are limited, and they exist to teach children to go out to work, as young as 11 years old. they need to go out, and work for themselves, and for their families. "

" but surely being american, you could aford 1 of the top schools?. " jessica asked.

" to tell you the truth," said sophie, " i probably could. but like i said, we're well off.. and the kids need something to do so i enrolled them. you can never have enough knolledge, " she aded.

" and what work do these young children do?" asked sean.

" all sorts of things," said sophie. " i'm going to take you to 1 of the african towns while you're here, you'll see..."

she sighed. " oh, missed the turning... that's you asking all those questions!".

all 3 giggled.

the cammel rides were lovely. maya, who had never even heard of camels in her life, was most excited. they all rode multiple times, and they all learnt lots about how camels live, what they are used for, and even got to ask questions themselves.

by the time it was lunch time, they were so focussed on the camels, that sophie said they could stay the afternoon, too. despite the fact she wanted to take them to a local water park.

" we can do it tomorrow, " she said. " you've a lot of time left to experience africa. "

the afternoon came and went. the friends really didn't want to go, but when sophie suggested that they could come back another day, they smiled and headed home.

that evening, jessica and anne decided to explore the grounds. maya, sean, and jackie, took to sitting on the observation deck, sharing stories about their lives. sophie thought it was a great way to learn the diffrences between america and africa.

savanna, sat with a colouring book, eddy the elephant, and friends.

it was a nice evening. a gentle wind rustled the trees, making the air seem cooler than their first night.

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