Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 4: Adventure
(by Casey Zaczek, added on 10 October 2011 04:23 PM)

After everyone arrived to the house they were going to stay in, Sean decided to pick his bedroom. "I want the big red room," he told Sophie.
"Sure," Sophie said. "That's the master bedroom. You'll love that one."
Jessica and Maya decided to share a room. They picked the yellow and green room.
"After you get your things situated, we'll be going on an exciting adventure!" said Sophie, smiling.
Everyone smiled.
They all went to the ocean and rode all kinds of boats. They swam in the ocean, too, and got tossed a lot by the waves.
"Help!" yelled Maya. "Help! I'm drowning! I'm drowning!"
"I'm coming, Maya!" called Jessica. "I've got you!"
With some effort, Jessica reached Maya against the waves and current, and they went back to shore safely.

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