Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 3: Meeting Sophie
(by Casey Zaczek, added on 3 October 2011 08:54 PM)

The teenagers, Sean, Jessica, and Maya, all collected their bags at the baggage claim and saw a young lady moving closer towards them.
"Hi," said Jessica. "My name is Jessica, and I'm with my two closest friends. We're here for--"
"I know who you are," the young lady interrupted. "My name is Sophie, and I am from America, believe it or not. I moved here to East Africa three years ago. Yes, I know I have a bit of an African accent by now, but when you've been here three years like I have, you can't help but catch the accent."
All three teens nodded in agreement.
"Okay now," said Sophie, "what we're about to do is leave the terminal and go to my house. I have a pretty nice house compared to some people here. I have a very nice, very handsome husband and three awesome, wonderful kids."
"Kids!" exclaimed Jessica. "I love kids. How old are they?"
"Jackie is ten, Ann is six, and Savanna is two. Jackie is actually short for Jacqueline, but I prefer spelling it like J, a, c, k, i, e instead of J, a, c, q, u, i."
"I see," said Sean. "It's like my parents. They have a nephew named Shawn, but they spell my name the old-fashioned way, as they call it. That is, S, e, a, n. Their nephew's name is spelled S, h, a, w, n."
"I understand," replied Sophie. "All right, are you all ready to go?"
"Yes!" they all exclaimed.

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