Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 1: Three Close Friends
(by Casey Zaczek, added on 3 October 2011 02:27 AM)

"Oh wow, Sean!" exclaimed Jessica Brooks one sunny afternoon in August. "I'm so excited about going on this awesome trip!"
"I know," said Sean Christianson. "It will be fun. Besides, we thirteen-year-olds deserve a break from our same old routine."
"Yeah," Maya Sanchez piped up. "It's gonna be so much fun!"
The three teenagers had decided several months ago that they wanted to take a trip to Africa. They wanted to see the sights and learn more about African culture. They had been dreaming about this vacation for months.
"I'm excited, guys," Maya said. "I hope to meet a lot of people there."
Both Sean and Jessica nodded in agreement.
"I really hope we get to go to East Africa," said Sean. "I've always wanted to go there."
"Yeah, same here," replied the others.

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