Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends

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Chapter 2: The Trip to East Africa
(by Casey Zaczek, added on 3 October 2011 02:39 AM)

Sean's parents, Florence and Winston, took the teenagers to the airport, where they would be officially on their way to Africa.
"Now, kids," said Florence, "you will need to make sure your bags are at the baggage claim when you get off the plane. Sean Edward Christianson, you are in charge."
"Me?" asked Sean.
"Yes, you. You're in charge of your bags. Jessica and Maya are in charge of theirs."
"Oh brother," said Maya, "I'm in huge trouble now."
"No, you're not," said Sean, "it's just that you have to take care of your own bags and let me take care of mine."
"Sean's right," added Jessica. "He knows all about traveling."
After they arrived at the airport, the teenagers told the Christiansons good-bye and sat down at a table to wait for their flight.
Ten minutes later, they heard a voice over the loudspeaker announcing that the flight to East Africa, which was flight 3322, would be boarding in five minutes.
"Yes!" Jessica exclaimed. "Five minutes!"Five minutes later, Jessica, Sean, and Maya boarded the airplane to East Africa. They had to fly for thirteen hours in order to get there.
When they finally arrived in East Africa, they were so happy and anxious to get off the plane. "I am excited," they all shouted.

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