the battle1: the a rize

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Chapter 1: the a rize
(by connor moser, added on 1 October 2011 09:46 AM)

wel. connor is the good one, he starts out alone. he sits there, in his house. he has no wife but that's okay for him. he likes it com and still. on niko he is curantly out walking in town wen he looks up in to the sky and thinks, "Wow, what a lovly day this is." as he croces the road he is not hearing the car coming towards him. he was driven over. but some how, in his axident something happened to him. he wandered the relm of the dead. ramius, lord of the dead, king of blood and empra over the relms castle was situated on a hill in the center of undead town. niko feels that ramius is calling. so he walks thru the dubble doors in to the castle. all is quiat. he walks on and sees
the throanroom door. niko pulls and drive it open. "I see that you came," ramius ses, purched on top of his throan. "My afterlife, is ended. my soul shal live on in ablivian for ever." the air around him is hott, as thoa it was pulsated by some force "What you want, youmagisty?" niko seze "I wan'o make you king of the dead," ramius anounces. "And that meens, you need my powers to suvive." the air comes hott and youniko feels like a door was opened inside him, and power rushes thru him. the door closes, and he stil feels something pulsating in him "Fer wel." ramius ses and disappears. then, an image of niko stands before the thru one and is soon seeted on the throan, compleet with crown then, everything shifts. the room comes more a blur, and darkness kreeps in to nikos vision. a short moment, the darkness surounds him and he now can see lights. the lights form in to blurs and the blurs come cleerer every seckond. crowded streats. a body falling from the sky. people gazing up at some thing and a shop window. crash! niko lands on the pavement and people scream as he starts to get up. then, he knows what that was. "it. was. not. a. dream." niko declares to him self and he can stil feel the emortality burning with in him. "The evning slipped by and connor went out to get the evning paper the headline read "shoc by the paunshop of oraunvill!" connor reads on "A body was seen in mid air, crashing on the assfalt. it was mootilated, and the driver who driven niko, a sidizan to death rekegnised him, and ran away screaming. the body was healed automaticly and niko some how got up again and then the hole streat got whild. people wur running in all directions and cars wur racing away from niko." niko and you wur allwase enemys sints they met once in school "oh oh no," connor thinks. this could end... very... very badly tomoros paper red, "Death of 5 sidisans in town!" "5 people in town wur seeing with niko. some how, niko grew mad and red light surounded them. they screamed and cryed out and thousands of people soh them been tortured for a bit then they slummped to the ground, obbviasly dead. "what the...And it got wurse. because wen connor wanted to drop on to the paun shop to get weapons, niko appeared in a flash of light infrunt of him and sed "very wel, you idiot. i am imortal, you idiotic mortal!" then, he disappeared. connor silantly buys a pistol and a 9 mm uzy

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