the life of a angel...

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Chapter 1: starting
(by dhruv kumar, added on 6 August 2011 02:27 PM)

your a normal women that live in USA
your growing, growing, like a normal girl
but now a twist...!
1 day, in nite, she dreamed that she have a magic ring under her pillow!
that girl is very bilevefull at dreams
she looked under under her pillow, and surprize surprize surprize!
there is a ring!
she wear that, and she feeled healed and a invisible power in her!

Chapter 2: Emergence
(by Bethany Rose, added on 3 January 2012 01:37 PM)

*Note: Please check name spellings, since they are foreign.

Rivkah rolled over in bed and groaned as she looked at the bedroom door.
"Rivkah, are you up yet?"
It was her mother, summoning her for school.
"Yeah," she muttered and slowly got out of bed. She staggered toward the closet and stopped as she caught a reflection of herself in the mirror. What was that?
Just what on earth was she seeing in the mirror?
Rivkah didn't realize she had screamed until her mother, Marta, burst into her room.
"What is wrong?" she asked her usually-calm sixteen-year-old daughter.
"I, uh, I look...weird!" By this time, eighteen-year-old Leah and fourteen-year-old Rachel had come in, and they began explaining Rivkah's strange appearance to their blind mother.
"Mom, Rivkah's hair is all white, and her whole body is just...glowing!" Rachel exclaimed. She opened the closet to find that all of Rivkah's clothes had been transformed into white gowns.
"What is this?" Rivkah shrieked. Leah, the natural comforter, led Rivkah to a chair and stood with an arm around her sister's shoulders.
Marta stood in the closet, absently touching one of the garments with her mouth open and her other hand on her chest. At that moment, seven-year-old David came in holding the phone out to his mom. "Mom, I called Daddy for you."
"Thank you," she said and managed a shaky smile at her son. "Rachel, please help David get ready for school, and you need to get dressed, too."
"Yes, Mama."
"Brandon?" Marta began in a tremulous voice.
"What's going on?" Marta saw that Leah was helping Rivkah to calm down, so she left the room to finish the conversation with her husband elsewhere.
"I was going to check on Yitzach, and when I passed Rivkah's room, she screamed. She was sobbing and couldn't tell me what was wrong, so Rachel came in and told me that she looks...different!"
"Different? What do you mean?"
"Rachel said that Rivkah's hair is all white, that her body is glowing, and then we noticed that all her clothes are now like white gowns!"
"You're on your way home now, right?"
"Yes, I asked someone to cover the last twenty minutes of my shift. I'll be there in less than five minutes."
"Okay, just come quickly, but hurry safely."

She went to check on nineteen-month-old Yitzach, who was sleeping peacefully. No one in the family knew that it was little Yitzach who held the key to the whole baffling mystery.

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