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Chapter 1: introduction
(by wyatt rose, added on 5 June 2011 10:13 PM)

Liam was your typical every day teen. He went to school, came home, did his homework, shot some hoops, and chased after girls. That would all change one day.

High above the earth, x1 sat in his control room contemplating what he would do.
"aah. A full moon", laughed x1. "I can finally conquer the earth like I had planned for years."
Just then, there was a loud explosion.
"Nooo!" cried x1, "No. the ship is crashing!" Alarms rang, lights flashed, and then all was silent.

Liam sat watching TV. The TV was blaring adds for some product no one in their rite mind would use. Just then, Liam heard a huge bang. He looked out his window, and saw a blue streak followed by a loud boom. Liam guessed that it must have been at least 200 miles away, but he still heard it.

Dr. Quark paced nervously back and forth. Full moons always made him nervous. It was 20 years ago that he had last vanquished that robot x1, and he didn't want to do it again. He was getting too old for chasing down x1. If something was up, he'd need help. But, who could he depend on?

Liam didn't like that explosion. It was way too loud, something didn't feel rite. He got up, and looked out. He couldn't see a thing. Liam then turned on the TV to a news report.
"Welcome to Action news" said the reporter. "A huge flying disc has just smacked the ground outside BronsVille."
"Bronsville? That's 30 miles away"! said liam.
The reporter continued. "Sources believe that a robot named x1 is behind the disc. X1 was vanquished 20 years ago, but may be back. residents are advised to seak shelter."
"A robot?" stammered liam. "Those things don't exist, do they?"
Liam began to pace back and forth nervously. What if they did. What if, what if. the thought trailed off in his mind.

Dr. Quark turned on the tv in his lab. Something definetly wasn't right. his eyes fell on the sceen of the disc. He nearly passed out in fear.
"No! He's back!" scream Dr. Quark. "And there's nothing I can do! or is there?"
Dr. Quark race to his monitor to look around Raygon city. He flipped through books he had, and looked at charts.
"If I can't defeat x1, I know someone else can. I need someone strong, adventurous, and brave. But who!"

Liam sat up in his room. "I bet that I'm strong, adventurous and brave. I bet you I am!" He began to pace back and forth. I feel like destony is telling me to go defeat this x1. I don't know why. Just then he saw a holograph on his wall. The holograph spoke to him in a strange voice.
"Go my son. Go forth and defeat x1. Save the world. Go to the abandoned warehouse on fifth. Go! go"!
Just as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared, leaving a faint outline of a man dressed in a labcoat, and that to disappeared as well.
"I have to go to this warehouse. I have to! " stammered liam. He threw on some clothes, and headed out. It was a cold night, and the air felt heavy as he ran. Up one street, down another, and back up another. He finally found fith. He ran until he reached the end where a long forgotten warehouse stood. It's painted walls were cracked and peeling, and some boards looked like they would fall off at any moment. Liam looked for a door, and found one. He opened it and walked in, and his eyes bugged out in shock!

X1 looked at the remains of his ship. "It's ruined!" he roared. "but, not all is lost. I still have my power. I know that Dr. Quark will be after me, so I'm sneaky. I'll leave a portal right here, and when he walks in. he'll be transported to the netherworld! I'd like to see him get past my robotic troopers, and dogs! moo heh heh hahahah! and, once that bumbling fool is gone. the world and everything will be mine! all mine I tell you!"

Liam found himself in a lab. Wierd monitors and devices lined the walls, casting an erie glow on the room. "Where am I?" liam blurted in to the darkness.
"Your in my lab", came a voice from behind a door. The door opened and Dr. Quark came out. "I'm Dr. Quark. Welcome to my lab. I'm surprised you walked right in. Only the worthy have found this place. you must, must be the one, to defeat x1? You must be." he hobbled forward. "Please, sit down in that chair."
Liam was amazed, "um, Sir, I saw a vision telling me to come here, and well, I guess that, I'm here for a reason then."
"Yes, you are. I am too old to go chasing down a robot, but if your looking for adventure, and excitement, then, you are in the rite place."
Liam stammered, "um, yeh yes. I am."
"Good. I will give you three things. A super hero costume which will make you look cool, and which I'm sure may come in handy. I also have a lazer gun, which you will definetly need, and finally. A handy dandy digital walky talky."
"Wwo, um. I don't know what to say." said liam with surprise.
"Don't say anything, just listen. X1 was spotted outside of town. fly out there, and take a look. and I don't mean fly as a fancy term for walking or running. I mean actual flying. You can fly can't you?"
liam looked at this man in amazement.
"Um, no. I can't."
"oh, that's right. I'm so scatter brained, and I bet I didn't even tell you my name. my name, is, Dr. Quark. So call me that, and not sir!!!"
"yes, sir, uh Dr. Quark sir."
"That's better! now. flying is simple. just jump up and spread your arms. Lean forward to move faster, and backwards to slow down. lower your arms to land. the cape in your costume is a special kind of super lite jet pack. Also. when you get to where x1 has been seen, radio me on your walky talky, and I'll give you instructions. Good luck!"
With that he disappeared in to the back room. Liam was left alone. He looked around for a few minutes and then walked out.
"This is all new for me", said liam. It's strange. Very, strange. I know i'm lacking confidence, or something".
Liam stepped outside and tried to fly. It took a few atempts, but he unsteadily managed to get up in the air. He floated over the buildings. He leaned forward and found himself hurtling through the air. he tried the best he could to keep himself uprite, but that didn't last for long. he saw off in the distance what he was looking for. It was where the disc had landed. he tried to fly towards it, but some invisible force had a hold on him, and was pulling him towards it. As he got closer, he saw a glowing frame of light. He tried to avoid it but he was being pulled towards it, way to fast, way to fast! Liam let out a scream of terror, and then. All went dark.

When Liam opened his eyes, the sun was shining, and it was brite, but something was wrong. the ground under him wasn't grass, it was sand. he stood up and rubbed his sore head. he looked at himself, and saw the cape, and the lazer gun, and the radio, and everything he was given. The whole sceen came back to him. He picked up his radio and spoke.
"Hello? Hello?"
A voice on the other end said.
"Hello liam. This is dr. Quark. What happened."
liam began to speak and then he was cut off. he saw a glowing holograph in front of him.
"Hello, Liam. I'm x1. welcome to my world. I see Quark isn't doing this stuff by himself anymore. Well. I'll let you know what your in for. in front of you stretches my world. It's all mine, and I'm glad you can share it with me. It's just too bad that you will be killed in the process. You see. I controll everything here. the sand your standing on, that is my beach. I controll it all. including it's enhabitants. They'll be really glad to meet you, but you won't bee too thrilled about the confrontation I assure you. Have fun, and, watch your step. moo eheheheh ahahahaha! Just in case you get bored, I've planted four of my master robots. Have fun playing around with them. moo ehehahaa!"
With that, he disappeared.
"liam", came a familiar voice from the radio. "I heard, and saw that all. Be careful. You'll have to go through and find out what's going on. I can't gather any information on your location. just that your on a beach. I'll try and get more as time goes on. Here's what I know from looking at your location on my GPS. In front of you, is a beach with some other life forms. I see some robots wandering around, and it looks to me like monkeys dropping coconuts, or some kind of fruit. Be careful."

Liam looked around, and saw what Dr. Quark was talking about. He began to walk forward watching for signs of robotic life.

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