Why Blindness?

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Chapter 1: In The Beginning
(by Jake, added on 22 May 2011 09:32 PM)

Hello. My name is Jake and I am the newly-elected President of the Nurturing Federation of the Blind. I am here today to tell you about blindness. No I don't want your stinking opinions about how you think blindness should be. I will tell you how it is. First off, let me clear up one big misconception that everyone has. There is not just one way to be blind. In other words, our belief here at the Nurturing Federation of the Blind is that the world isn't just black or white. It makes absolutely no difference whether you can't see anything at all except for pitch black; or you can see just a little bit; or your vision is perfect. Everybody is equal here at the NFB! You see, many years ago back in the late 50's there was this huge argument among what was then known as the National Federation of the Blind. However, most people knew them simply as the NFB. But back to the argument. People in the NFB got so mad at each other, they began pushing and shoving and getting into violent physical fights. Children who were once friends, were now enemies for life and were strictly prohibited from talking to each other, let alone playing together.

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