Why Blindness?

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Chapter 2: The Argument That Spawned It All
(by Jake, added on 22 May 2011 11:37 PM)

We left off with the argument in the National Federation of the Blind. Do you remember that? Great. So they kept arguing and arguing among each other, and none of them seemed to want any kind of mediation, forgiveness, no none of that! These people just kept on clawing at one another, and putting each other down for this and that. Finally one hot summer day they decided it was time for a bit of change. So, they broke up. The founders and their flock went one direction and the others ended up starting a group of their own. They tried various names, but none of the names stuck. This continued on into the wee hours of the morning and all of a sudden, one of them suggested the American Council of the Blind. They all agreed on that name, and it was shortened to ACB. They adopted their own Constitution and bylaws, totally separate from the boisterous National Federation of the Blind. The groups even had their own Presidents, believe it or not. The groups has separate views about blindness. But, some of these views overlapped and coincided with the other group's thinking. Well, this did not sit well at all with me. Being the entrepreneur I was, I decided that it was time for a third group. Thus began the Nurturing Federation of the Blind. As stated in the beginning of my story, we believe that blindness can take many forms. Everyone is different, so why have a "one-size-fits-all" philosophy? That just wasn't gonna fly in my books, so a group of friends and I got together and formed our own NFB. So there you have it. What is left of the old NFB, I don't want any of it. As for the ACB, they are living happily ever after right there in Virginia. The End.

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