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Chapter 1: one,
(by Dawn, added on 22 April 2011 10:30 AM)

part one: beginnings
chapter one:
This is what happened. Tim Ridell awoke with a start. He thought he'd been dreaming about new york city but couldn't quite remember it. All that remained in his mind were disconnected images of a blonde girl walking with him and oddly enough, a sailboat. He Tlanced at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed and swore under his breath. Seven fifteen. His mother and father were upstate visiting friends so he had the place to himself. He got up and walked towards the bathroom and that was when the weird shit started. Until that morning, Tim was your average high school sophomore. He was not what you'd call popular though most people knew him. He wasn't big on sports. He kept mostly to himself acept for his friend jack who he'd known since first grade, and come to think of it, that friendship was going the way of the dodo. Right around the summer of last year, the two had stopped hanging out like thy'd done before. Tim supposed it was because he spent too much time with his head in a book or because jack had made the football team. Tim wasn't a football team kind of guy. Aside from the memorable day when the quarterback had shoved him into a gym locker, Tim couldn't remember ever having interacted with any of them.
As Tim stepped into the shower he felt a momentary blankness in his head. It wasn't as if he lost time, but suddenly his thoughts just stopped. He felt a kind of frantic stirring. When it passed, he looked around and wondered wha tit had been. And then, without preamble a voice in his head that was clearly not his own spoke up and said "Fucking makeup bag!" "What?", he asked himself was that? He had no inkling of what a makeup bag was but he did have an idea who he knew who would have one. It was that bitch

"Lisa Burke!" "get out of that bed right now!" This was the sound of Lisa anne Burke's mother calmly waking her. "Shit" She thought as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and swung out of bed. She was already planning her(jack) day. She was meeting ashlin at 8 and they were walking to school together. Then it was classes and then cheerleading until(jack) six. This was going to be a good day, especially if craig daniels was in school.
She pulled her clothes on and prepared to put on her makeup.
As she began to put on her eye shadow, Lisa suffered what she thought of as a momentary lapse. One minute she was there with the brush in hand, and the next she had poked herself in the eye hard enough that her other hand swept the rest of her makeup off the dresser. "Fucking makeup bag!" She thought as she began to pick up the peices.
This was turning out to be a horid day. Her makeup was all over the floor and there was probably a mark on her(bitch) face fro mwhere the.......... What in the weeping creeping world was this happy horseshit. All morning she had kept getting these little sounds in her head as if someone was talking to her fro mfar away. Something about jack, and upstae, it was creepy. But that last one had been loud. It had said "bitch" pretty clearly and somehow she knew it was her that the voice....thought......prescence was thinking about. She finished aplyig her makeup and headed for the shower. And then it got a whole lot worse.

3. As he washed his hair, Tim tried to reason it out. He was now almost sure it was Lisa who had made the makeup comment. But that wasn't posible since Lisa lived clear across town and he wasn't on the phone wit hher. Why would he talk to her anyway. The last time he had, it had ended with her in the mud and her hair full of gum. Ah, that was better. He liked remembering that day back in the second grade. After that, they had barely spoken. So then, what was this makeup shit. Tim stepped out of the shower and decided he would try an experiment. He was thinking about that book where the girl could control things with her mind and wondered if he and Burke had somehow......ah but that was not what he wanted to imagine. He wanted nothing to do with Burke or Ashlin shawa or any of that crew of popular girls. They weren't his type. As he dressed though, he did do one small thing. He couldn't know how much this act(which admitidly he thought wouldn't work) was going to change his life. Not then. Then all he wanted was to see what would happen. What happened was that
4. She let out a scream of revlution. LIsa was standing in the shower minding her own buisness when she clearly had a thought that wasn't her own. She didn't ascociate the voices from before with these this thought because she didn't have the science fiction backround to make the connection. The thought wasn't even really a thought was it? It was an image of her, seven years old, in the mud, gun in her hair and tars on her face. She remembered that day. That was the day that Timmy ridelle had pushed her. And now it was as though she was living it all over again. It wasn't a picture was it? It was a mind movie. A waking halucination. And she was revolted because the memory still had the power to make her angry. She didn't even know if Timmy was still around. She couldn't care less about him and figured that he'd probably moved away by now. And then(oh dear god) a voice.... a clear voice spoke up in her head with anger. "I have not moved away!" "leave it to a stupid puffed up cow like you not to notice whats right in front of you!" End chapter.

Chapter 2: Two
(by Dawn, added on 22 April 2011 10:33 AM)

This is not happening. You can't make me remember it. I forgave my
self a long time ago for that. Annie doesn't blame me so why do you?
Lessa sat down on the bathroom flor and started to cry. At that
moment, her mom called up the stairs, "Lessa if you don't get down
hear right now... Your going to miss the bus."
The bus. The only 16 year old in history to take the dam thing. she
thought misserably. "Oh don't be so dumb i have to take it as well you
self satttisfyed Bitch." Lessa jumped and made a face. okay. I really
wish this dam voice would go away expically sence it brought such bad

There was a time when she and timmie had been friends, but that was
before Annie had fallen. Lessa had ben seven and annie was three.
there were a lot of people there that day at the park and she was
playing hide and seek with timmie and a boy named Jack. when she hurd
the scream, her sister had been jurked off the ground by a big boy and
sat in the branchs of a tree. she was scaired of corse and timmie
cryed she is going to fall. Lessa ran over to grab her but couldn't
reach. unfortenetly Timmie was right she did fall and Lessa was
powerless to stop it. she was dead a few minutes later. she new that
it wasn't really Timmie's fault that she Fell but it felt better to be
able to blame someone for the pain. "I'm sorry lessa. I didn't realize
you still hurt from that day. I shouldn't have pushed you but you
shouldn't have called me a killer and i wouldn't have gotten mad."
Lessa wenced don't talk to me pplease. and lessa ran out the door to
catch the bus.
Timmie sat on the bed and wished that he haddent thought of that day.
the memmory of the three year old was to fresh in Lessa's mind for his
comfort. going down stairs he walked tword the bus.

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