What bitter darkness

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Chapter 1: loving and hating
(by Dawn, added on 3 January 2011 07:57 AM)

How long had it ben that she lay not moving or seeing any of the harsh and dessalet land scape around her? why was she not dead? she should have ben dead. she had been stabbed four times with a sword and in the chest at that. grooning, she sat up and emeditally wished that she hadn't. the blood wich had dried over her chest cracked and ran down her dress soking in to the ground in front of her. she cursed quietally and fell back. as she rooled on to her side she saw the mangled body of her three year old sister laying near her. with this shock, she passed out and the darkness took her.

Chapter 2: finding
(by Dawn, added on 3 January 2011 08:09 AM)

when she came to for the secound time, the sun had rizen over head and there was a bird cerculing over head. she could hear the sound of a stream some wair of to her right and then came a sound she didn't like at all. the hissing of a snake. she was two week to move. she was not sure that she could crawl away from it. she started to try when she heard an identical his behind her. she was trapped. surrounded by snakes.

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