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Chapter 6: hears how it goes.
(by Dawn, added on 8 May 2011 08:49 AM)

The whistle of the aros above my head are so loud that they seem to dround out every thing. it isn't as if the fighting is the first thing to happen, it just always ends up that way knife in one another; sometimes with out meaning to. it wasn't as if I ment to say things to hurt him, it just happened that my mouth opened before I saw what was going to come out of it. as a result, the words were much sharper then i had intended them to be, and he replied in kind. "I really wish you would just get a life and quit breathing down my neck, your too dam clenggy for a person to breathe at all." That was his responce to what i had said. I had only asked why he had decided to go out drenking with his friends and haden't called me for two days while he was getting "Sobered up!!!" now someone tell me how in the hell that is fair at all. My relationships are so fucked up. no one knows how to camunacate any more. Want to tell me why?

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