The strange happenings

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Chapter 4: The final count
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 11:25 PM)

I will admit at this point I was in a panic.
Being taken to a different planet was not on my wishlist of things to accomplish.
And I knew that this planet was disappearing bit by bit, so I had to do nothing but enjoy my last few hours on this planet.
Gathering myself up and lifting the radio from it's purch, I walked into my house.
I couldn't resist, it was official.
But how did alien technology make communications with human technology was the question that continued racing through my mind.
The time was 1:15 which made no sence to me.
I couldn't have spent that much time listening.
I had no choice, but to pack the basic equipment into a small pack, and hope for the best.
I desperately needed to head to the gym and get things off my mind.
Calling a close friend, I asked if we could go together and get us a nice work out.
If I was going to go soon, I might as well get as fit as I can, right?
While at the gym, I kept thinking, "I just hope that I'm strong enough to survive.
I ended up doing twice the hard work I usually do, in hopes of gathering more strength.
The seconds went by.
I didn't stop until I looked at my watch, and realized I had been working out for 3 hours!
In the car on my way home, my friend kept on and on about my unusual routine.
"Lauran," I stammered.
"The only thing I can tell you is prepare for a big change in life.
"What do you mean."
"Just that. Be prepared."
"I know what your talking about now.
I had a similar encounter, and I was just going to ask you if we could go work out.
I'm a little scared of being taken from here, since I have lived here all my life!"
The rest of the trip was in silence.

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