The strange happenings

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Chapter 2: A range of curiosity.
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 10:22 PM)

I continued listening and heard that it was making a very strange noise, like that of a siren, every time it seemed to spot someone.
With my curiosity running wild, I could do nothing but stand up, plug off the radio, set the earphones next to it, and run outside.
The daylight sky was a pleasant one to look at.
The sun was bright, birds were flying in the air, their was a warm gentle breeze, everything was perfect.
I thought to myself "Shouldn't I have some sort of device that will allow me to track the report?"
So I ran inside, grabbed my portable hd radio, and ran like mad through the front door, shutting it behind me.
This was it! I would hear my first unknown flying object!
Flipping the on switch and turning the dial to a news report, I setteled back into a nearby laun chair.
I was surprised when I heard something that sounded like static, followed by the sound of something.
"This is Paul Johnson reporting to you from 50th drive, in Okeechobee.
So far I can only see what appears to be the tail of an airplane, but, wait, it looks like well I can't... It's coming streight towards me!
It's acting like a mistle!
Coming down fast and at a fixed angle!"
This thing was only a couple hundred yards from my position, but I still could hear nothing!
"Through the speakers of the hd, I could faintly hear a distant noise.
Like a wining.
I would advise those of you who are near this area to go inside!

I have never seen anything like this in my li..."
He was suddenly interrupted by something that sounded like a jet engine, but yet I couldn't hear it.
Then complete silence.
Nothing was heard over the radio.
Could it have taken the reporter?

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