The strange happenings

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Chapter 3: Voices from space
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 10:45 PM)

At this point in time I was ready to spring into action if anything came threateningly close to me.
I sat listening to silence of the radio, hoping to hear something of the reporter, but I heard nothing.
I lifted the thing up and made sure the batteries were properly inserted and were functional, then replaced the plastic cover on the battery compartment.
Time passed.
Still nothing.
Even more time passed. Still, nothing from the reporter.
I glanced at my watch and realized the time had gone far faster than I could have caught up with it.
12:07 pm?
September 3rd?
It was then I heard a strange voice over the radio.
'Good day there, madem.
You will not recognize our voices but we know you and your friends very well.
We have watched you as you have watched the skies for years.
We understand that your planet is melting away, as you may not.
So we are trying to take those that we know will make it in our environment away from this planet.
We will not harm you if you will not harm us, not that you can, anyways.
Be ready, on September the 4th, at 12:13 pm.
We are going to take you away from your home, and into a new one.
Don't worry though, all of your friends will accompany you."

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