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Chapter 1: A great day goes bad.
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 5 September 2010 07:24 AM)

My name is Raychel Louise Fusco. I am 17 years of age.
I will never forget, what happened on the date of September 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm.
It was clear and sunny.
I was just minding my own business, working out.
I have a deep passion, for training people on staying fit, and I also like to work out, preferably with another person. I was just cooling off at home on my exercise ball, when I hear a strange headline over the radio I had on.
"Large ufo seen.
We have several hundred reports, of a large bright glowing object in the shape of a dome."
In curiosity, I plugged headphones in and listened. It was heading for my area! What could I do? What would this thing be after? And if not only what, but who? What would they do?

Chapter 2: A range of curiosity.
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 10:22 PM)

I continued listening and heard that it was making a very strange noise, like that of a siren, every time it seemed to spot someone.
With my curiosity running wild, I could do nothing but stand up, plug off the radio, set the earphones next to it, and run outside.
The daylight sky was a pleasant one to look at.
The sun was bright, birds were flying in the air, their was a warm gentle breeze, everything was perfect.
I thought to myself "Shouldn't I have some sort of device that will allow me to track the report?"
So I ran inside, grabbed my portable hd radio, and ran like mad through the front door, shutting it behind me.
This was it! I would hear my first unknown flying object!
Flipping the on switch and turning the dial to a news report, I setteled back into a nearby laun chair.
I was surprised when I heard something that sounded like static, followed by the sound of something.
"This is Paul Johnson reporting to you from 50th drive, in Okeechobee.
So far I can only see what appears to be the tail of an airplane, but, wait, it looks like well I can't... It's coming streight towards me!
It's acting like a mistle!
Coming down fast and at a fixed angle!"
This thing was only a couple hundred yards from my position, but I still could hear nothing!
"Through the speakers of the hd, I could faintly hear a distant noise.
Like a wining.
I would advise those of you who are near this area to go inside!

I have never seen anything like this in my li..."
He was suddenly interrupted by something that sounded like a jet engine, but yet I couldn't hear it.
Then complete silence.
Nothing was heard over the radio.
Could it have taken the reporter?

Chapter 3: Voices from space
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 10:45 PM)

At this point in time I was ready to spring into action if anything came threateningly close to me.
I sat listening to silence of the radio, hoping to hear something of the reporter, but I heard nothing.
I lifted the thing up and made sure the batteries were properly inserted and were functional, then replaced the plastic cover on the battery compartment.
Time passed.
Still nothing.
Even more time passed. Still, nothing from the reporter.
I glanced at my watch and realized the time had gone far faster than I could have caught up with it.
12:07 pm?
September 3rd?
It was then I heard a strange voice over the radio.
'Good day there, madem.
You will not recognize our voices but we know you and your friends very well.
We have watched you as you have watched the skies for years.
We understand that your planet is melting away, as you may not.
So we are trying to take those that we know will make it in our environment away from this planet.
We will not harm you if you will not harm us, not that you can, anyways.
Be ready, on September the 4th, at 12:13 pm.
We are going to take you away from your home, and into a new one.
Don't worry though, all of your friends will accompany you."

Chapter 4: The final count
(by Omar Alvarado, added on 31 December 2010 11:25 PM)

I will admit at this point I was in a panic.
Being taken to a different planet was not on my wishlist of things to accomplish.
And I knew that this planet was disappearing bit by bit, so I had to do nothing but enjoy my last few hours on this planet.
Gathering myself up and lifting the radio from it's purch, I walked into my house.
I couldn't resist, it was official.
But how did alien technology make communications with human technology was the question that continued racing through my mind.
The time was 1:15 which made no sence to me.
I couldn't have spent that much time listening.
I had no choice, but to pack the basic equipment into a small pack, and hope for the best.
I desperately needed to head to the gym and get things off my mind.
Calling a close friend, I asked if we could go together and get us a nice work out.
If I was going to go soon, I might as well get as fit as I can, right?
While at the gym, I kept thinking, "I just hope that I'm strong enough to survive.
I ended up doing twice the hard work I usually do, in hopes of gathering more strength.
The seconds went by.
I didn't stop until I looked at my watch, and realized I had been working out for 3 hours!
In the car on my way home, my friend kept on and on about my unusual routine.
"Lauran," I stammered.
"The only thing I can tell you is prepare for a big change in life.
"What do you mean."
"Just that. Be prepared."
"I know what your talking about now.
I had a similar encounter, and I was just going to ask you if we could go work out.
I'm a little scared of being taken from here, since I have lived here all my life!"
The rest of the trip was in silence.

Chapter 5: Address to the nation
(by RJ Sandefur, added on 30 January 2012 05:00 AM)

I sat in my room later n that listening to the President telling us that these beings were really here to do us harm. "The secratary of state has been bitten by one of these creatures, and they are threatening to eat the prime minister of england for lunch tomorrow if we don't meet their demands!"

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