The Quiet Aes Sedai

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Chapter 1: Running Once More
(by melissa hunt, added on 6 August 2010 05:59 AM)

Celene made her way through the darkening hall, her hand stil upon her dagger. Her eyes scanned the surrounding corridors and when she was sure she saw nothing, the aes sedai ran across the stone tiles to where the doors opened out onto a clear, warm, night. Celene always loved Spring. It meant a time of warmth and good cheer for her, but today, tonight, she was not glad of it, for it meant the women were after her again.

As she made her way down the inn's steps, a dark feeling of dread passed through her small frame. she was of Cairhinenen birth, yet her black hair and black eyes reminded one of Lanfear, the dark one. She was none of those horrible woman's worst nightmares or bad dreams, but still, some peiple thought of her so. Sevastien stepped from the shadows, a dark shape in his fancloak and handsome, etched dangerousness.

"We have to go, aes sedai. I can see them coming through those trees."

Celene did not have to be asked twice before she was running swiftly down the dark street, her long cloak whipping behind her and her hair spilling out of it like a wave of never ending night. Her black eyes scanned the surrounding area and she heard the women coming behind her, a meer shadow in the darkness. If she did not know better, she would think it was a dream, but yet, the world was solid and she was not flying. Sevastien stayed close beside her, his sword at the ready.

"I see her," said a soft voice from behind, her tone one of malace as she stepped out into the street's soft glowing light. The window from which it was coming was a man's fire that was burning steadily in the night. Celene scolded herself for ever coming to that Inn and cursed herself for being a target in the first place.

"If you come any closer," her warder said dangerously, holding his ruby studded sword out as a challenge, "i'll cut your throats so fast that you will not even have time to blink."

The woman in the shadows laughed softly as a dark bolt of lightning lashed the sky with thunder.

"do you think you can win, warder? We want her for her blood. she did us wrong and the Dark one does not take too kindly to sinners."

Sevastien stayed silent, a silent spector before his love, his bride, his bonded.

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