assassin the killing of obama

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Chapter 5: valuable info
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:30 AM)

Frank was right the girl he had found was hot and she was like an angel from heaven and I was just a assassin in DC.
"frank sent me she said.
"I have sum important info for you.
"Obama is going to blowup the US.
"remember the man on the plane?
"yes I do.
"he's my father,I received the info from your boss and I told frank to have you meet me here.
"but why duz Obama want to kill all the people in the US?
"because he just wants all the mony.
and so thats why we sent you to kill him so you can save all the people in the US.
and the thing about your boss family being in a prison camp thats the coverup. "so you are saying you want me to kill him to save amarica?
"So seth carry out your mission to save the greatest nation on the earth.
And with that she walked away.

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