assassin the killing of obama

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Chapter 4: DC
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:17 AM)

I was in DC the home of obama and my mission was just about to begin I headed for a local bar and said to the bar keep "1 mug pleese. "you from out of town? he said.
"yes I'm an assassin. "and I was sent here to kill obama.
"there's allot of people in this country that want to do that.
"so wy do you want to kill him?
"because my boss's family got sent to a prison camp for no reason.
"well I wish you luck O and by the way the names Frank.
"Names seth.
"nice to meet you so do you like to date?
"yes but I'm single right now.
"all right then let me find sum one for you to date.
"well Frank I have to go now.
he said "see you laterand he turned back to the bar.

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