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Chapter 1: assignment
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 06:06 PM)

I sit in my office and am righting a paper wen my boss cums in. "seth I need you to kill sum one.
"hou is the person?
He said"obama.
"ser are you sher"
"yes I'm sher because obama has taken my family to a prison camp.
"well what do you need me to do?
"Your mission is simple get in the wight house and kill him.
"Do you icsept?
"Yes ser I said and turned to my computer as he walks out of my office.
I sat there feeling happy and thinking of killing obama.

Chapter 2: airport police
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 06:16 PM)

I got the tickets to Washington DC and was on my way to kill obama
"ser pleese let me see your bags.
"what is this gun for?
I turned to him and said. "I'm going to kill obama.
"we got a person that wants to kill obama he said over the intercom.
just then police jumped from the roof and started to arrest me but I turned to shoot them.
And gathered my stuff and got on my flight.

Chapter 3: the man on the inside?
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 10:19 PM)

"so what are you doing in first class? a man asked.
"Well I've ben hired to kill a vary important person.
"is it obama? he asked
"yes I need to kill obama because he put my bosses family in a prison camp and he's a dictator we didn't talk the rest of the trip and I finally got to Washington

Chapter 4: DC
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:17 AM)

I was in DC the home of obama and my mission was just about to begin I headed for a local bar and said to the bar keep "1 mug pleese. "you from out of town? he said.
"yes I'm an assassin. "and I was sent here to kill obama.
"there's allot of people in this country that want to do that.
"so wy do you want to kill him?
"because my boss's family got sent to a prison camp for no reason.
"well I wish you luck O and by the way the names Frank.
"Names seth.
"nice to meet you so do you like to date?
"yes but I'm single right now.
"all right then let me find sum one for you to date.
"well Frank I have to go now.
he said "see you laterand he turned back to the bar.

Chapter 5: valuable info
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:30 AM)

Frank was right the girl he had found was hot and she was like an angel from heaven and I was just a assassin in DC.
"frank sent me she said.
"I have sum important info for you.
"Obama is going to blowup the US.
"remember the man on the plane?
"yes I do.
"he's my father,I received the info from your boss and I told frank to have you meet me here.
"but why duz Obama want to kill all the people in the US?
"because he just wants all the mony.
and so thats why we sent you to kill him so you can save all the people in the US.
and the thing about your boss family being in a prison camp thats the coverup. "so you are saying you want me to kill him to save amarica?
"So seth carry out your mission to save the greatest nation on the earth.
And with that she walked away.

Chapter 6: the decision
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:42 AM)

Can I possibly save the US?
but if i do kill Obama I will be sent to jail but not for saving the US?
so I decided that I wood go through with my mission and Iwent back to my hotel room and called my boss.
"sir I have decided to go through with this.
"good seth it will be a big accomplishment.
"so why dus obama want all the mony?
"Because he's just a fake he's not a president he's just a Russian spy and he's trying to get the US to be like rusha.
"good night ser.
"by and he hung up the phone and I set the phone back down and went to bed.

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