a bad day at school

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Chapter 5: F on the math test
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 07:04 PM)

I forgot to study last night and today was the big math test and I forgot to study so I will fail and get a F.
so I walked to class after breakfast and took my seat in class.
"class we have a math test today I hope you studyed lastnight.
she handed out are test's and said class get to work so I tryed to answer the questions.
"whuts 12-6= it said on the paper. And I put down 6 and mooved on to the next question "what 9+4=?
I was thinking for a long time and put 13.
and by the time I got to the last question I was tired of math and I walked up to the teacher and said "I'm dun. And she said "did you do all the math problems? I said yes and went to sit down at my seat she stud up and said "I will be gradeing your tests and you will get them next class period.

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