a bad day at school

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Chapter 2: Mckenzie
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 02:30 PM)

Her eyes are so nice and she's got black hare and she is blind like me so that is good about things but I don't no wy she won't ask me out. so I had a plan to trip her with my cane and then she wood ask me out right? nott I did and got sent to the office for it and had to see the principle.
"John cum in and sit I need to talk to you.
"yes ser. I said and stepped in to his small office and took a seat at the front of his desk.
"john I hear that you tripped Mckenzie with your cane wy?
"because I was trying to ask her out so I figured that I wood trip her with my cane to get her to like me.
"John its bad its a rul that you can't trip people with a cane.
"but ser i said.
"I was trying to get her to like me.
he called the dorm parent and said that I wood be serving a dorm restriction and hung up the phone
"john I'm assigning you a dorm restriction your dorm parent may give you more days on restriction but I'm assigning you 1 night on dorm restriction. And I walked out of his office and back to class.

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