a bad day at school

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Chapter 1: pop qwiz
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 10:50 AM)

Well my name's john and I hate pop qwiz's because they make you feel like a fool wen ever you get a answer rong.But that not my problem because my school crush is in my class and she's going to be watching me. So that is wy I can't mess up this time and she is really hot.But wen ever I talk to her its like trying to speak in a nether language. So back to the pop quiz my teacher asked me a question "john please tell the class hoo discovered America? I stuttered and said"bugs bunny and the class laughed at me and thats wy I hate pop quiz's.

Chapter 2: Mckenzie
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 02:30 PM)

Her eyes are so nice and she's got black hare and she is blind like me so that is good about things but I don't no wy she won't ask me out. so I had a plan to trip her with my cane and then she wood ask me out right? nott I did and got sent to the office for it and had to see the principle.
"John cum in and sit I need to talk to you.
"yes ser. I said and stepped in to his small office and took a seat at the front of his desk.
"john I hear that you tripped Mckenzie with your cane wy?
"because I was trying to ask her out so I figured that I wood trip her with my cane to get her to like me.
"John its bad its a rul that you can't trip people with a cane.
"but ser i said.
"I was trying to get her to like me.
he called the dorm parent and said that I wood be serving a dorm restriction and hung up the phone
"john I'm assigning you a dorm restriction your dorm parent may give you more days on restriction but I'm assigning you 1 night on dorm restriction. And I walked out of his office and back to class.

Chapter 3: restriction
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 06:31 PM)

I got back to the dorm and the house parents were waiting for me and they said that they got the note from the principle.
"John you will be serving 1 night on dorm restriction and you will not be going out of this dorm.
"yes I under stand.
"you can do any thing in this dorm but you can not leave this dorm.

Chapter 4: the phone call
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 06:42 PM)

that night mckenzie called me from her dorm and said.
"wy did you trip me with your cane John?
"because I wanted you to like me.
"john I do not like you and I will never like you I like steev.
"But Steev is a f**king nerd.
"John I'm just your friend and I only be your friend and thats the way it's going to stay.
"well I am bedder than him.
"john no your not.
and I herd her hang up.
I'm never going to be her man but I will not stop.

Chapter 5: F on the math test
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 07:04 PM)

I forgot to study last night and today was the big math test and I forgot to study so I will fail and get a F.
so I walked to class after breakfast and took my seat in class.
"class we have a math test today I hope you studyed lastnight.
she handed out are test's and said class get to work so I tryed to answer the questions.
"whuts 12-6= it said on the paper. And I put down 6 and mooved on to the next question "what 9+4=?
I was thinking for a long time and put 13.
and by the time I got to the last question I was tired of math and I walked up to the teacher and said "I'm dun. And she said "did you do all the math problems? I said yes and went to sit down at my seat she stud up and said "I will be gradeing your tests and you will get them next class period.

Chapter 6: talking to Mckenzie
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:17 PM)

The next day came around and I was prepared to talk to Mckenzie. But wen I got to class she didn't look so happy.
"What is rong?
"Its that thing you said about Steev he's not a f**king nerd.
"your John.
and with that she hit me with her cane and I fell to the flor. She got on top of me and held me down and said you will never brake free.

Chapter 7: Mckenzies room
(by seth hurst, added on 9 July 2010 12:28 PM)

I blacked out and when I came to life I found my self in sum room that wasn't mine.
"ware am I?
"hi john its me.
I noo for a fact hoo it was it was Mckenzie.
I found my self handcuft to her bed,and my legs were tide down.
"you are mine now she said in a sum what sexy voice.
O and by the way steev was just sum one I made up I really like you John.
she crawled in to her bed next to me.
She was wearing a pink shirt with blue shorts.
she started to kiss me and that was the last I remember and I fell asleep.

Chapter 8: the date
(by seth hurst, added on 11 July 2010 12:35 AM)

mckenzie was wateing for me the next day.
"john do you whant to go on a date?
"yes and I new that she realie liked me so I new I had to be my self.
That night she called me at my dorm "are you redie?
"yes and with that I heded out of the dorm and down to C dorm to pic her up.
"John you look good she said.
and we walked to rec and hanged out for the rest of the night.
"cum with me to my room.
"I haft to go. But she pushed me in and locked the dorr.

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