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Chapter 1: The new arival
(by Dawn, added on 28 May 2010 07:49 PM)

January 4, 1310 London england

My name is Katie and I live out side the london tower. I have herd that we are going to get some new prisners to day and I am looking foward to it. I walked down stairs and my father was sitting in the kitchen.
"Father what time are the new Prisners going to come?"
"I don't know why you should be so interested. You arn't going to be around these ones because there in hear for harasy. they are worshiping some pretty strange gods if you ask me. I haven't even herd of half of them."
"What are some of the gods they are worshiping?"
"I don't no or care. They arn't the true god so it doesn't matter."
Just then a bell began to tole from somewair close by. "There hear!" I cried.
"Oh joy. I didn't no that."
The door opened and my older brother Blake came in to the room "I gess this means we have to get the scum?"My brother said with a smile.
"Yes and you know it."my father replied.
"Can I come?"
"No Katie you can not!" Both Blake and my father said at the same time. I watched as my father and brother left the house and checking to make sure the coast was clear, I followed them.
The first time I saw Sarah she was standing with herhands tied behind her on the edge of a boat. the boat moved up to the doc and as I watched they lifted the girl from the boat to the land. My father took the girl by the hair and begain to drag her twards the cells below. I couldn't under stand why father wasn't leeting the girl walk on her own ensted of draging her. As I watched, he slamed the door to the cell and came up smiling.

Chapter 2: Meeting Sarah
(by Dawn, added on 28 May 2010 08:13 PM)

It had been a week, but I couldn't get the emmege of the girl out of my mind. I was walking down near the cells when I heard a sound coming up to me like that of a person praying.
"Oh dearHecate!I ask that you would protect me and keep me strong. For I feel as if I am living in eternal night. I do not wish to live like this, but if this is your will for me then let it be done. I want to pray for all the people who work in this acursed place that they might see the light and soon come to believe in the power of you and your cousins."
I listened for a while before venturing down the stairs twards the sound of the person. I reached the door of the cell and found with a jolt that the girl was kneeling on the flor with her head bowed. at my approach however, the girl sprang to her feet and cryed
"I was not praying! I prommus."
"What is wrong with praying? I wasn't going to say anything."
"You wern't? But I thought you were a Christion."
"I am, but so are you right?" "If you heard any of my praiers, you would not say such a thing."
"Who is Hecate?" I asked "And what is your name?"
"My name is Sarah."

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