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(by Robert William Evans, added on 19 May 2010 12:18 AM)

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a blind adolescent? Well, you will find out wile reading this story. Well, being a blind youth, I'd say, has some ups and downs. Being a blind youth has many upsides. We are able to use computers and other technology because the screenreading software products created by lots of companies have been invented. We can play sports, and be athletes. But, most importantly, we're the same as anyone else. The downsides of being a blind young adult are as follows. Sometimes, school systems just don't get how to teach a blind person, and they try and cover themselves up. Another downside is that since, of course we can't see, we can't usually participate in, read, or play games that are visual.
But, anyway, to the summary of my life now. I am 12 years old. I am a musician, and can play the following instruments: guitar (acoustic and electric), drums (all kinds), electric bass guitar, recorder, and harmonica. The only things that I can see are light (because of light perseption), and shadows. I live with my brother, Tyler, my mother, Jessica, and my stepfather, Joel. I live in the town of Swanzey, in the state of New Hampshire. Swanzey is the town right below the small city with the name, Keene. My interests are music, art, sports, technology, cooking, radio, and science. Now, tell me, how do you think you'd feel living in my shoes?

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