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Chapter 3: EARLY LIFE
(by Robert William Evans, added on 19 May 2010 10:03 PM)

I was born in Denis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I couldn't talk until I was two and a half years old. I couldn't walk until I was that very same age as well. I was forced to learn to crawl. But, eventually, I learned to walk and talk after I learned to crawl.
After this, because of family troubles, we moved to Maine when I was four. The village we lived in was called Temple. Because of more family troubles, we moved back to the cape. I went to Kindergarten at a school called Ezra Baker. My teacher's name was Mrs. Healey. I was in Kindergarten for a little while, but then, we moved back to Temple, Maine. I spent some time in Kindergarten in Maine at a school named Mallet School. My teacher's name was Mrs. Kenny. Then, we moved back to Cape Cod. I went back to the same teacher.
We moved back to Maine. Then back to the cape again. Then, finally, I finished off Kindergarten on the cape. I then went to First Grade. My teacher's name was Mrs. Lidner. I was in her class until the last day of school before Christmas.
Then, I moved back to Temple and went back to the same school, and back to First Grade with a teacher named Mrs. Gray. Now, on to the Second Grade I go at Cooshing School. I had a teacher named Mrs. Pond. Were your early lives, my readers, as stop and go as mine was?

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