Hit and Run

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Chapter 1: The Incident
(by William Case, added on 26 April 2010 06:18 AM)

As Jeff and Kim walked down the sidewalk toward the intersection, and began to cross it, a car speeding dangerously cut the corner and hit an older lady causing her to fall and land on her back. Kim Screams, “Oh My God!”
Jeff ran into the small store that sat on the corner of the intersection and yelled to the person behind the counter to call 911. A car had hit a lady, and the woman was unconscious.
“I think she may be dead,” Jeff told the cashier.
When the police arrived at the intersection, they asked Jeff and Kim what they had seen. They both told the officer what they had seen.
“Did you see what the car looked like?” The officer asked.
Jeff replied, “It was a Black 4 door with no license plates and a silver stripe down the side.”
“The jerk did not stop!” Kim yelled.
After getting the report of the people who had seen the incident, the officer told Jeff and Kim he would be in touch with them and that if they thought of anything else to please call him.
After EMS had left to take the lady to the hospital, Jeff and Kim called for a cab to take them home. They were too upset to walk.

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