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Chapter 1: a sad incident
(by Mohammad Salman Siddiqui, added on 3 February 2010 07:06 AM)

A short story:\
By mohammad salman siddiqui.
It was time of evening. Sun was going to set and fog was going to appear. Probably it was five o’clock. I was standing on kachaery stop, waiting for niazi bus to come. Fifteen minutes were passed, but their was no sign of bus. I was worried, because after sitting in the bus, their was travel of one and the half an hour. Many vagans, rikshaws, busses passed, but their was no sign of niazi 40 number. “so stupid they are!” I thought. One of my friend was also with me. He was also in hurry and abusing the bus drivers. Suddenly, we saw bus approaching towards us. Surely, it was 40 number. We tried to stop it, but it passed away. “so stupid they are fools!” my friend cried. “wait! Wait! Wait!” I replied. After half an hour, another 40 number came, and we were successful to sit in it. Bus was overloaded, but still we managed to sit. In the beginning I tried to sleep. But, I was failed. Then I started talking to a man sitting nearby me. He said that he was a teacher. I told him that I was student of GC university. He became pleased and interested in me. During conversation, he talked to me on issues of different interests. I observed, that he was looking worried but he was trying to hide his worriness from me. I asked but he did not tell. When I asked many times, he said: “do you really want to listen?” I replied yes. “so listen!” he started saying. What he said, let’s listen from his own tongue.
“ten years were passed when I was married, but I had no child. We were very worried, and used to pray to god to give us a child. When eleventh year of our marriage came, Allah almighty blessed us with a beautiful son. We were very happy. We thanked god for his blessings, and arranged a grand party. Ali was chosen his name by his grandfather. Everyone was happy and giving us greetings. We thought to do his grooming according to social, cultural and religious norms of society.
When he grew older, he started going to school. He was very intelligent , and always stood in toppers list. We were all happy that our son is so intelligent and hardworking. He did top in his matriculation as well. He maintained same career in his college life. He was a good debater, drama actor, musician at the same time. Everyone praised him. As far as his physique is concerned, he was very handsome and attractive. He used to say me: “papa every girl looks towards me, but I do not care!” and I used to laugh at him.
When he entered in the university he continued same career as in school and college life. Their was a girl in his class who’s name was Sara. She used to study from him. They started spending time with each other. This formal meeting soon entered in friendship, and soon they both fell in love. His friend used to tell me “uncle he spends much of his time with that girl Sara and I am sure that they have some sort of sexual relation as well.” Anyways, I did not take any notice. Similarly, Ali did not let us know about this relationship. His result of first semester was announced, and he maintained good GPA.
It was month of January. He woke up, went to mosque with me, offered prayer, and returned home. Then he prepared himself to go to university. “papa today I will go on bike.” He said. “no son, it is too cold outside.” I tried to make him understand. “no problem papa, I will manage.” I gave him the permission, to go on bike. Previously he used to go on university bus.
It was nine o’clock at night. Ali did not return home. “call him! it’s too late!” my wife murmered. “no problem darling, he has bike. He will soon come back.” One hour passed. He was not too late from his home. It was ten o’clock at night. We tried to call him, but his cell phone was off. I called his friend jamsheed, but he said that Ali was not with him today.” Saying this, he started weeping. “we keep awake whole night, but he did not come. Next day, I went to university. I did not find nor sara nor ali. I started weeping. “they have fled.” Soon, I saw sara coming towards me. “I am sorry uncle!” she said. “I am the daughter of a kernel in ISI.” “then what?” I asked. She started weeping. “uncle!” she said while shedding tears. “yesterday, my father came to university. I did not know. And he saw us involved in some physical activity. Uncle, he became angry. Ali said sorry to him, but he did not agree. I also tried to do ali’s favour, but my father started beating me. Soon, some army personel came, and after that I don’t know, where they took ali.” Now, two years has passed, I have’nt seen face of my son. Her mother died last year in his sorrow.” While saying this, that gentleman started weeping. I comfort him while saying, that his son will soon return. But their was no effect of my comfort. He kept on weeping, and we reached our destination. I got off from the bus, said good-bye to that gentleman, and headed towards home.

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