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Chapter 5: Capture
(by Joseph, added on 12 September 2012 06:49 PM)

I drew closer, closer, ever closer to his vehicle. I knew he couldn't go much faster--his own engine wasn't tuned to allow his car to go faster than a hundred. My own car could go 200+ easily, and so naturally, I had the advantage.
I saw him look behind him, and notice me gaining on him. "Good," I thought. "He knows I'm gonna get him." The pethetic little bastard won't be able to shake me off now.

He suddenly screached to a stop, and I did the same, noticing that he'd stopped in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store. He got out of his car, walked toward me and drew his pistol. "Stupid person", I thought. "I'll shoot your brains out." I felt my own hand reaching for my glock 19, and my thumb flicking off the safety. I almost wasn't aware of my left hand reaching for the window control, pressing the button, letting the window open wide enough so I could put my barrle out the window. I felt as if I were in a dream as I sighted along the barrle, aimed for his heart, and pulled the trigger.

He fell hard, landing on his back, I got out of my car, and looked down at his body. I knelt, and checked for a pulse. nothing. Dead as a rock. I keyed my mic and said, "Captain, I've killed him. I'm in the parking lot of the Ecards near West Fifteenth Avenue."

"Very good, Corperal," I heard him respond. "Wait for me there. I'll be on my way in 30 seconds."

"Yessir. Over and out."

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