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Chapter 1: The killer's been found
(by Joseph, added on 15 January 2010 02:28 PM)

AS I stepped inside the store, I noticed that something was very wrong. Noone came out to ask me if I was looking for anything or if I even wanted to buy something. For that matter, noone was in the store with me, or so I thought...

I heard quick, light footsteps behind me. I swirled to face the sound and stared into the cold, black eyes of the killer I'd been trying to capture along with the rest of the FBI for almost a decade.

Chapter 2: the killer
(by seth hurst, added on 8 July 2010 07:34 PM)

a man stept of the back room and said "I have ben wateing for you.

and he ran out of the stor and down the street.

Chapter 3: The Chase
(by Joseph, added on 9 October 2010 03:43 AM)

I watched the kill flee out of the store, then said into my radeo, "Joseph to base. The killer's onthe streets. I'm going after him."

"Rojer that, sir," I hear my captain, Jason, say in response.

Chapter 4: Something Goes Pretty Wrong
(by The Meganator, added on 15 April 2011 12:37 AM)

I ran out of the store, feet pounding on the pavement. But my heart was pounding faster. For the last decade, all I’d seen of this killer—this guy who seemed to treat taking lives like a hobby--were pictures. Newspaper clippings, big, blown-up picutres on posters, brief images of his face flashing across my TV screen. Just pictures. Nothing too real. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the moment when I turned around and found myself looking into that face. Although I’d been trying for over a decade to catch this guy, I wasn’t prepared for these pictures to come to life. And “I’ve been waiting for you”. What was that supposed to mean?

No time! I had to move faster. I needed to get to my car. Now! The killer had gotten a head start. Not a very big one, but in a few seconds he’d be in his vehicle and go speeding off to who knows where. I couldn’t lose him now—not after 10 long years of being so close, but yet so far.

I jumped behind the wheel just in time to see him peel out of the parking lot in a small, black honda, engine roaring, tires squealing. I gunned it, smiling as my own engine roared easily to life. I was behind the wheel of a silver Grande Prix—finely tuned, high performance engine; 8 cylinders of power. This shouldn’t be very difficult.

I drove, hot on his heels, never taking my eyes off of that black Honda as it dodged and weaved through the traffick, trying to pick up speed. Fine with me, I was gaining steadily. I had to keep my focus. Swerve to the left of a Ford F350 with a heavy load. Stop for a red light. Yield to a big yellow school bus. Avoid getting rear-ended by one of those little 2-seater boxcars that really shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. All the while keeping one eye on that black Honda. Then I got my lucky break. We were entering some residential neighbourhood, and the killer was stopped by a red light as 2 pedestrians walked across the street. I was now right behind him. Both eyes on him now. I motioned for him to pull over. I didn’t look behind me untill I heard the bang, and by then it was too late. The unmistakable sound of a rifle report. I looked in my rearview mirror then, just in time to see the little boxcar speeding off in the opposite direction—and a nice hole in my front left tire. I stared in shock for a minute, I just couldn’t believe it. By the time I looked forward again, the black Honda was gone. GONE! Ears ringing, I surveyed my surroundings—and my blood went cold. I’d been so focused on the chase that I didn’t realize where it was leading me. I was sitting in the entrence to my own neighbourhood. My house was just down this street. Then a memory flashed across my mind, something that pushed me far beyond being just a little creeped out.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Chapter 5: Capture
(by Joseph, added on 12 September 2012 06:49 PM)

I drew closer, closer, ever closer to his vehicle. I knew he couldn't go much faster--his own engine wasn't tuned to allow his car to go faster than a hundred. My own car could go 200+ easily, and so naturally, I had the advantage.
I saw him look behind him, and notice me gaining on him. "Good," I thought. "He knows I'm gonna get him." The pethetic little bastard won't be able to shake me off now.

He suddenly screached to a stop, and I did the same, noticing that he'd stopped in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store. He got out of his car, walked toward me and drew his pistol. "Stupid person", I thought. "I'll shoot your brains out." I felt my own hand reaching for my glock 19, and my thumb flicking off the safety. I almost wasn't aware of my left hand reaching for the window control, pressing the button, letting the window open wide enough so I could put my barrle out the window. I felt as if I were in a dream as I sighted along the barrle, aimed for his heart, and pulled the trigger.

He fell hard, landing on his back, I got out of my car, and looked down at his body. I knelt, and checked for a pulse. nothing. Dead as a rock. I keyed my mic and said, "Captain, I've killed him. I'm in the parking lot of the Ecards near West Fifteenth Avenue."

"Very good, Corperal," I heard him respond. "Wait for me there. I'll be on my way in 30 seconds."

"Yessir. Over and out."

Chapter 6: The Talk
(by Joseph, added on 9 July 2014 04:56 PM)

True to his word, my commandingofficer, Captain Jason F. Brooks, pulled into the parking lot about 30 seconds later. As he stepped from his car, I saluted him and ask, "How'd you get here so fast?"

He grinned and returned my salute. "I'd been keeping an eye on your progress," he said. "Not spying exactly, but I wanted to make sure you were following him. And you were. You've done well."

I nodded and stood. "Thank you sir," I said and motioned to the body lying on the ground. "I said I'd get him sooner or later, didn't I?"

Captain Brooks knelt and examine the bullet wound, then nodded. "Sweet jesus," he whispered. "I knew you were a damn good shot, but you got him right in the center of his heart. What'd you do, just stick the barrel out the window, sight and fire instinctively?"

I nodded again. "yessir," I said. "I figured, what the hell, it shouldn't be too hard to take him out."

Brooks nodded in response and stood, then walked over to the killer's car. I followed him over and stood next to him as he examined the vehicle with a careful eye. Finally he turned to me.

"How'd you catch him?" Brooks asked. "this car can get up and go when it wants to."

I shrugged. "Remember how powerful my car is?" I asked, nodding toward my own vehicle, which I had shut down to save fuel. He nodded. "Figures," Brooks said with a smile. "Bleh, hondas," he added as an afterthought.

"I know," I said and opened the hood. "it's not even modified. Look."

Brooks took a long look at the engine assembly and nodded. "Nope," he said. "all stock. Nothing aftermarket that I can see, but I still wanna take it back to the shop and have the boys take a look at it."

I grinned. "I figured you'd do that," I said. "Shall we go?"

Brooks shrugged. "sure, if you wanna leave my car here and have it broken into," he said with a small smile. I returned it and motioned to my car.

Seeing the puzzled look on his face, I said, "I can haul your vehicle with mine."

He gaped. "Corperal," he said, 'didn't we say you weren't supposed to modify these vehicles?"

I nodded. "Yes," I replied, "but that was before I actually got in. I remember you gave me permission to mod it in whatever way I wished, so I swapped the engines and installed a few hauling, safety and weapons systems. Not only on my car, but on the others in the fleet as well."

Brooks' mouth was hanging open. He looked as if he was about to scream at me, then suddenly, his face split into a child-like grin and he slapped me on the shoulder. "You son of a bitch," he said, laughing. "So that's what you were doing all those times you went to the garages. I wondered. What kinds of stuff do you have on there?"

"Oh, you name it, it's there." I said.

"missiles?" he asked.

"Yep," I
"chain guns?"

Another nod.

"flame throwers? Antitank rockets? Personal jetpacks? Body armor? Better engines? GPS?"

"Yep, yep, and yep," I replied.

"Okay then," Brooks said. "Let's get back to the bace. The boys will love this!"

I smiled. "you wanna ride with me? I can haul the honda and your car back at the same time," I said.

"Well hell," he replied with another grin, "why the hell not?"

I nodded and entered a code on a small panel on the side of my vehicle. A set of grappling arms extended from the back and lifted my commander's and the killer's car into a large holding bay, then retracted within about ten seconds. My officer gaped. "Damn," he said, "That's pretty sweet."

I shrugged. "That's not even the half of it," I said. "Wait til you see the cab. It's bad-ass."

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